Friday, September 26, 2008

new vc(late posting)

i was wondering where did i save of the pics when we had to go to chancellor hall to meet the new vc... n there! found it!! hehe

me n shan cozing up sitting on the floor....=)

mas, chee, irn, me n shan! thanx for linna for taking this pic... haha.. we planned to escape... had the heart to escape n tried to escape! but just that.... we dun dare...hahahha for me la... i wanted to stay.. so sumhow.. all of them stayed..haha

ramai org la.... hahaha whole of ubd wa.. but MOST escaped! hahaha cuz not enuf seats for all of us! for sure la... ah wells.. at least... we filled the place up jua kan?

mine, shan's, chee's and irn's(from left to right) taken by irn.. hhehe boredom...i guess~

irn's beloved keychain!! i was very sakai to see when the round thing kna rotate... the initial image still lingers... wahahhaa n this pic kna rotated 180 degree so can see the keychain in its upright direction =)

got yoga demo!! can u notice ak. shahizwan? XD

new vice chancellor impressed!! btw his english..ada slang! =D well not a bad thing la... just that when i listen to him talking... i was tempted to talk that way too!(with not much success)

my resco partner!!! yus oh yus.. y u so blank minded??

errrmm... ziman n k trying to act cute??? (as usual~=P)

there there ak. ahhh!!are you tryin to sniff her thru her tudong?? @_@ hehehe

mas~~~ u pretty thing u~ XD ok.. im no pervie... hehe mas~~ let us look foward to go for obbd!!

ayoiii!! hahaha ur like making a fool of urself?? well not really la.. he just auto reaction when he sees camera aimin at him...XD

dean of students! hehehe very very kind n firendly man! =)

this!!! gaaah!!! i was only playin arnd fooling arnd with the windows live gallery fix functions...(sakai waa) cuz this pic was blur... then then.... i acidentally forgot to save it as a copy!! so it over write my orignal pic!!!!! n im left with this... erm... abstract?? @_@ nevertheless... i tink... ayoi n qawiem(im not sure...i cant really get his spelling right!) look quite good here.. haha candid pic kan?? hehe n saiful wahahhhaa sleepy look~ i guess

then grp pic of some of the mpp members n qawiem with new vc~ =)

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