Tuesday, September 2, 2008

some mooncake boxes~

parents bought the mooncakes with its packaging on from msia... hehee i like i like...~

surely its pretty...~ got chinese 'feel' n the colours n design is just tat eye catching!

open both sides~n there u get the plain n simple design...

n what i see.... cappucino oreo mooncake??? wooot?? wat in the world of modern world in the world of mooncakes up to?? they totally evolve themselves from traditional filling to these erm.. 'fancy' filling... its just kinda weird...but nevertheless creative n interesting la..as ppl say.. its not boring..=p btw i haven taste them yet...

look at the 'cutting'... the material made by wood btw... n erm.. i like looor... its sooo erm... cute?? XD

there's another... a smaller rectangular one~~

this is the back of the packing...ada website lagii ehh~ hehe... btw did i say i love the flowers? =D

after opening... hey i recognise this packing... its sold in brunei itself!! haha~~ no worries... brunei pricing when converted has only itsy bitsy difference with msia pricing... =D

ahh i like the side...~ XD

what if i swap colours? =D ok.. a lil 'course' looking.. but its ok la...hoor?? XD nyways... y am i updating so early bout mooncakes when the mooncake festival is on 14th of september? *semangat* XD

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