Monday, September 29, 2008

bjfa- origami time~

27/08/08... a day in bjfa to sort out their timetable.. yesh.. these pics are one month old...=D

its time for origami to conquer the day... so firstly we were given pprs n were asked to lipat a crane~ a traditional most of us know how to lipatkan ia... soo there it is~

wei sen n his weird cap(according to worries.. i told him myself too! n he what? i like! hehee) with azri duno wat he doing eh..

presenting... *dang dang da dang* the gangsters of bjfa~~ XD

then we proceed to make heart with wings! there's mine...

one flew over...~~ that's wei sen's or more known as...'Vince!' hahaha

another came over! that's ang ang's! hehehe 3 lil hearts flying arnd... duno buat apa eh... haha atm.. i haf no intepretion of the pic... mind cant think...currently me sugar OD.... ugh... a lil headache...hehe

last but not least.... someone's kokoro flew over into my room~ guarded by rudolfo!! =D hehee thanx~

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