Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sneak peek on things we do

we draw...XD hahaha wonder y its sooo ugly?? its a fusion of skills between 3 'artists'... i also duno what we were tryin to draw... guess we were stressed out with some particular subject~

when we learn.. we serious one owwwwh~ dun believe me? =p hehe we 7 EEE tend to work together... (in pic..sol absent... me take pic) cuz.. it makes our work load... lesser??(hmm not sure 100% true tho.. but at least... got some things done=P) hehe n we enjoy our times too la..

what we learn... we study balls sticking together... sigh.. had to measure the nearest distance n next nearest distance of atoms.. haiya... its so chemistry thingy.. i dun like..(sorry to the chemistry lovers~)

goshh i tot i never see them anymore... gaahh... diamond structure~

*courtesy of chee's propeller* this is one of the practicals we r doing.. the propeller education kit used in the course microprocessor.. hehe.. just a random post la.. btw... this ok kua?? but i malas think n work out.. hehe my style of learning...@_@ haaa~

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