Sunday, September 28, 2008

time flies so fast!

this is outside my hostel room! look at the number of slippers outside!! we were practically blocking ppl's way passing thru.. haha we really were harmless...didn mean to block anyone's way....i just noticed that y there were so many slippers outside... 3 of them chee's, shan's, mas's then 4 pairs over at my neighbours...

lepaking in my room~ haha heard that my room is cool~ haha

shan very concentrating in her work loor... of cos! cuz gingerbread man is guarding her =D haha plus my bedless bed does not provide comfortness thus she cudn slack of..=D...

haha caught irn in action bullying oz!!! n irn caught me in taking pics!! eeeKKKK!!!

hehee me n chee sitting on the floor outside fos! =D

gasp! what did they both see??... liang-> oh my gosh! y they post my pic??? mins later...sol gave a bigger reaction-> owwwwh...owwwh!! y they post that pic??(in the ping pong club..they posted their pics.. but sol's pic was the totally vain pose punya....) hehe

laughing in the process...huhuhuu we mean ppl~

they promoting korea culture club.... waseh want seduce me by blowing some kisses hah? =D

this one... we were at jerudong market.. waiting for azri to come n collect his student card that he left in my file.. sorry once agn~ n so we waited by the tower at the seaside,,, =)

this.. we were at the dst tower to enquire bout our assignment dealing with telecommunication.. boy... tho we didn get the real answers..but got ideas on how to write our answers la.. n dst gave us a bag of souvenirs each... nice~ hehe n sol!!! u hafta drive carefully laaa.... dun 'hurt' the car no moreeee~

this one was a practical on saturdy~~ malas to attend this class actually.. cuz its the only class...n its a practical... but sumhow not bad la..the practical..quite easy... n sol was having his driving test n he passed! coongrats! but still.. careful with ur driving ahh~ =P

irn! y see me this way?? even chee shocked with her face~ wahahha ah wells.. we were at hrd attending this presentation by helen from uni of glasgow.... gah.. it sumhow attracted me.... hmm... glasgow o unsw?? sumhow.. i haf decided~but duno ok o not la..=p

eseeeh sol~~ mcam provide information or something~ nola... mayb an adviser? XD

hmm.. muram sangat? hehe does it look like an advertising banner? quite a negative one i guess...=P

last but not least, a pic of mas gift~~ she rarely wear earrings eh~ but yea.... she was feeling weird using it... hehe nvmwa mas...=)

ah wells.. now its mid sem break n there is soo much to do!! but... i duno if im gona do it... ppl?? help gimme motivation can?? =)

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