Saturday, October 4, 2008

b4 flying off to uk~

it was on a friday!! spose to meet azura up first.. but then.. i went to meet up with razan n wani arnd noon.... drove to razan's place to pick her up then to wani's place... hehe them?? very very happy...when they kna taken pic of! XD

3 girls wearing specs n have short hair... with exception of the girl in the middle... that is muaa! hehehe wana grow my hair long this time =D ah wells... those girls hyper eh talking and sstuffs... hahaa we had fun talking la.. i thought i would spend a short time there to see them n greet them.. n sumhow.. took longer than usual~ msged azura i would be a lil late~

wani gataaaaal~~~ she got a new laptop n also a new slr!!nikon d60~~ she memang gatal XD then then...*ahem ahem*!!! ahahhaa wani~~ remember to inform me ahh~~ *wink wink*

we talked abt stuffs n i discovered a huge secret of certain someone.. gaah... i wonder how is she nowww~ she doesnt reply n stuffs... im sorry if i never reply ur sms or something... cuz i never did receive any from u.. n also mine also cant msg to uk properly~ =( ah wells.. wished the 2 girls well on their trip.. n teased razan on y she would be delighted to balik to uk XD ah wells.. then sent razan back cuz she has to get ready to go airport... so i drove to azura's place~

this is... azura!!!! XD she dyed her hair and highlighted them! waseehhh another gatal girl~~~ XD so pretty with a slim body n now she glamed up her hair~~~ if not gatal..then what is?? =D

picked her up and we went to lumut beach to hang... but we talked in the car first tho...ah before that we went to get ourselves fried popia n cucur pisang n drinks~~ nyaaaaman the popiaaa...ada curry flavour~ n both totally crispy~~~ XD me likeeeeey

then went out n camwhored abit...n we were kinda posing not in the direction of the wind.. so my front hair abit nakal... whereas azura?? eseeeeeh tau maintain XD

uwaaaaaa azura!! doesnt that car looked like ur own?? matching ehh~ =D n yeaaaa i havent tried riding in the car with u driving eh?? hehe i remembered azura as a pro in driving tho... =)

we tried to kiss each other with each of our hands holding our hair in place... but still my annoyin front hair more specifically at the middle like to kiss my nose.. n azura's hair.. easy wa... long wa.. so can hold them~

ah this time in the right wind direction~ =D with the right pose and the right smile... and our happy facial expression... equals... a nice pic =D we agreed that we love this pic of ours.. hehe

this.. errr.. duno what to label... hahahaa a random shot~~ then after some time there.. azura need to be back home cuz she need to go out with her mom.. so we balik n waited for her mom to balik...

lama no see azlina~~~ =D perty as ever~~ hehe she now in mkjb taking marine engineering if not wrong.. well wish u all the best babes~ syg u didn hang out with razan n wani~~cuz i duno u no transport wa =p

she was online using her mobile whereas me.. stalking her with that look of mine =p

their lil baby sister joya! =D shes cuteee~~~ hehe azura had to intro me to her cuz joya loves to meet new ppl(tho she is shy) n she loves to be praised.. azura kept doing that.. hahaha... i praised her also lor.. cuz she memang very the menawan ppl~ =D

then after quite some time later.. azura's mom came back with a huge news of this accident(i try to tell the story but definitely got some faults in my storytelling cuz i cudn really remember that well =P) in telisai where.... one car tried to keluar dari simpang to the main road (without bother to look at the cars at the main road) and true enough there was a car on the main road n thus accident la! n the car who salah got 3 young kids inside who didn use any seatbelt smashed into the windshield... thus skull broke open la n bleed n not moving... the mom was holding on their hands n cried n cried... azura's mom was there n she cried too.. n she came back.. tried joya over n kept kissing her n told her that she loved her so n hope she would use her seatbelt otw to school... joya was shaken up when she heard the story..she hid behind azura...

hmm i was feeling a lil sad.. reminded me of this accident near supa save(before it was still known as 'smart') between a gurkha vehicle and a local vehicle... this boy his skull cracked owedi i gues...n he was unconscious and the mom was crying badly... then my dad offered to send them to panaga hospital.. so my siblings n me n my mom went out of the car... then moments later he came back.... with a bloody seat at the back... the lil boy bled alot...kna out back middle seat... so we seat towards the side sja... then realised.. my bro's newly bought pants werent there.. so went to panaga hospital n it was there.... nice n clean! with a blooody plastic bag... apparently.. she took hold of the plastic bag to hold her lil boy's head...luckily the pants tak kna the blood... when we went back home.. dad had to clean it...n the ice cream tat we bought melted... it shows that we were there for quite some time.. ah wells.. that's the bloodiest accident ive seen la.. but in my hometown.. i saw a motorcyclist dead on the roadside.. i was scared =/ ah wells.. enough of my long winded story~~

ah wells.. we talked bout the accident more... n then was treated to filipino mangoes~ yuuum~ hehee then i had to go.. cuz azura had to go too..~ so yea.. this was taken when me in the car... she saying her goodbyes to me..

n thanx sooo much for ur free mangoes n refreshments!!! =D hope u girls do well in uk =)

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