Sunday, October 26, 2008

wwwwooooooww~batah me!

haaaa!!! been stuck in nada internet connection~~ i dont use dst cant use simpur... my wave card expired owedi, the laptop couldnt detect my bmob modem... soooo i at last got hold of suzy's broadband n use it for 2 hrs!!! wheeeee thanx suzy!!! me hearts u!! hehehe u duno how torturing it is for me not to update my blog....cuz its jus too quiet!!! =P

nyhoots.. this was in irn's place, her open house.... n gosh the soto, the rice n lauks and the kuih-muih totally nyaman!! she should open a restaurant... hahaha... we had like 3 rounds? or 4 rounds of makan makan...hahhaa

irn n sol~~ we were kind of challenging sol to finish up his soto n eat as much as we did... n he couldnt!!! bwahahhaha~

how could me miss out in taking a pic with the lady in blue??? hehehe thanx for the food irn~ too bad si oz couldnt join cuz he celebrated his monthsary n liang... ermm... celebrated his 'sleep' in hostel...~

so ended up..... sol attending!!! waseehh he sooo semangat ...he specially balik n changed into cara melayu n well... smart laa~ but still... wana encourage him to 'turn' to the other side... so we cud be sisters! =p

hmmmm just a random pic... of us in frank class n video cam with sylvester~ hehehe hope u, wei wei, albert n basil r doing well in unsw~

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