Sunday, October 26, 2008

faces of me~

hmmm i tink i haven really pose my own pics eh? hehee so now pose a bit..vain sikit la... hahaa this was when the hostel orientation, the quiz night on wednesday night... theme was... the malay klasik era? so wore the kain batik arnd ma head~ with the help of ayshah! she made the flower thingy~

i look ridiculously ridiculous looking~ hahaha cuz i duno how to pose i guess.. felt weird la... this was on the malam kebudayaan~ arabian nights..the theme.. ah wells.. many ppl couldnt recognise me in this.... they tot its some hajah~ haha

this was celebrating the halloween night.... a hash event... masuk jungle at after it was dark..but was cool.. gah... the hat behind me...mcam im wearin it...hehe

this... hugging siew chee's gigantic present from her classmates... gaaaah i like the other white one... hehe but still..huge n totally hugable~~~ nyamaaaan~ but the prob is... they occupied her bed! XD

this was one day before the opening of the convocation day... at the bjfa booth... i was playing the thingy im holding(i duno wats its called) then... duno y.. i acted random.. n this is the local 'statue of liberty'!!! =D

this was on the opening of the convocation day! hahhaa was wearin yukata...minako sensei asked me, jiajia n riku to wear... then fen brought hers.. n we looked cool! hahaha... btw i wore that to lectures.. hahaha

on the second day of the convo... i guess..i was ready to bash ppl up?? =P

this was this morning!!!!! its the majlis khatam al-quran... dun ask me what that is... we were there to help out la.. like escorting ppl to the tents to eat.. helped with transferring the bunga telur arnd... n gosh they were totally pretty!!!!! many of them n nice to see la.. seriously they should hold a competition ehh..XD

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