Monday, October 6, 2008

bjfa-ikebana day-

on wednesday...24/09/08... its ikebana day for bjfa~ lim han the usual 'targetting' on girls... *be careful girls... he is....'dangerous' =D* cant u see the passion he gives?that focused look? that that... 'obsession' he posseses? XD *runs away*

some of the flowers available to be 'poked' arnd...~ gah look at that big fluffy looking flower??? so so very the fluff! =D

yellow flowers~ hmmm quite a 'cowded' pic tho~ =/ but still... its so brightening...=) looking at it brighten up my day! =D

some of the ppl demonstrating their skills~ fen,bobby,rain n sumire~ u can see how concentrating they are~ btw ikebana means arrangement of flowers.. so they are tryin to arrange flowers properly n stuff.. hm.... u all try check in wiki for more in depth meaning la =P

this is minako sensei's work... she did this earlier...~ its the basic style...

hmm duno y my pic when uploaded its upside down n bla bla...haah~ but ah wells.. i like the flowers... n again the round blob fluf puff puff ball like flower XD the cutest!!! =P

ahhh the guest... erm.. i forgot her name..@_@ IM SO SORRY!!!! but she's a pro in this.. so basically, she's demonstrating the right way to do it... n minako sensei describing about what the lady was doing...n history of ikebana... n erm..bahar... y r u standing soo... upright?? with hands on the back lagi~ haha =p

the huge leaf was cut such a way.. i dont know how to describe... like how u know u gotta cut it like that??? hmmm maybe its 'artistic' view...? hmm~

showing off her finished work n minako sensei described more of it.... seems like quite a number of students are interested in ikebana.. hope they would have more new male members in =D

n again flowers... they really captured me~ =) on the left its part of june's work n on the right is taka's~ both used totally different flowers, leaves, arrangements~ n both are good =D... ah sorry i didn upload the whole picture of the arrangement...sorry~

sigh... look at the support~~ first just.. poking the stalks into the needle like thing.. whereas second.. bobby split the stalk partly as a support for another stalk across it.. =) lawaaa~ n fyi when they chop off the bottom of any stalks.. they do it in water to preserve its 'freshness' short.. prevent it to die easily la..

this one is part of the lady's work too! she did this very very quickly!! n used newspprs to wrap the flowers up n used the leaves so such a way to give an outrageous look~i kind of like it tho~ =)

n again another of her creations.. she is trying to show that... anything can be created into something... she was trying to give a new life to the flowers~ a new look~ since she is a pro.. she can just create something in a jiffy! with totally different arrangements lagitu..~

part of sumire's work.. she used a totally different approach... using a vase...but it was faced down~ quite creative~

ahaaa!! i spotted... unused flowers!!! poor poor hibiscus~~~ hahaaha boowh im msian!! n hibiscus our national flower!! i shall protest!!! =P nah.. im not tat kecil hati.. haha

they arranging the finished works properly along the tables~

the lady properly assessed their works n tried to rearrange them if needed to show the correct way of flower arrangements... n she was really impressed with bobby's work.. she deduced that bobby is sensitive.. cuz of the way he trimmed the leaves...=) overall she's impressed by everybody's work~

waseeeh the girls soo concentrating~ hehee ahh..this one.. i tink i was standing on top of table.. hahaha~ inda tau malu me this

time for ppl to roam arnd n admire their works!! n of course i need to pose with flowers too!! i sakai see flowers... hahhaha baa.. anyone wana give flowers to me?? i would be happy to get any =D *thick faced*

the lady with minako sensei n the ppl joining ikebana club~

me posing with my favourite flower arrangement... by bobby! =D hmm duno y i was giving that face.. hahaha

the guys wei sen n rain! duno y... we were in a instant 'poking' war... wei sen poked me first i guess.. or did i started it first..hahaha then rain poked me also..hmm i cant really remember...cuz i started poking them too~ XD

n duno y we started taking pics with rain too! =p

rain holding the flower.. n of all places.. i asked him to put near some 'sensitive' place.. n i tried to take pic.. but ended up blur.. cuz i kept laughing =D n he was like' what exactly are u taking pic of?' tapi he didn take away the flower jua~ XD hmmm maybe should be two round flowers instead of one eh? =P

yahui n me being baka-ish.. posing arnd... with flower and leaves?? hehe

n june tried to court ai len forcefully with the blur flower but ended up by scaring ai len even more~ (personally i tink ai len like it =D)

n the blue flower made a whacko out of me~ hmm i suit the flower cuz wearing some colour with the flower.. y i didn pose properly with the pretty flower ahhh?? ?_?

n this post ends with rain being romantic by biting on one of the flower~~ but he didn continue by clapping his hands n tapping his feet! otherwise he would be totally romantic looking =D

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