Friday, October 31, 2008

pmubd raya 08!

we were totally hyped up for the event!...why u asked? cuz there's gona be foooooooood!!! food!food!food! wahhahaa...n we were *ahem* again in charge of distribution of food? sigh... do we look like we are food caretakers or something? ah wells.. nvm... it would be feeding us real well~

then...i saw irn!!! she completely transform her outfit from casual in the morning to full baju krg n tudong! phhhwwweeeeet~ never see u so 'bright' wahhaa

as usual.. the girls couldnt resist to pose~ specially jannah~ she was like erm... hahha model! hehe hikmah as usual cute n hyper! n analisa... gaaah... i want ur outfit too! i want baju kebaya... hmmm when should i get one? XD cuz i want~~

rumah terbuka! haha i really didn know the malay word for open house is rumah terbuka! hmmm buka rumah..sure sounds better off with rumah terbuka! hehe

me n analisa~ but kachik n mat noor being the extras! n they claim they made this pic 'cuter'~ XD waddawadda

i didn notice these cute lil ketupat thingie earlier on....cuz hanging on top there wa.. like wat chee says bout me... 'not ngam eye level'! XD gah i admit im not tall enuf! *duh~ its a fact..i dun mind whahaa*

jannah! hahaha i find this two pics cute... at first she was not aware tat i was taking her pic.. the next moment..she turned n was shocked! asking if i was taking her pic... indeed i was!

lia, analisa n me~ gah... this time.. never got to go to her open house... her bakso~~ ah wells.. nvm.. i ate my worth when at irn's place..just that nada the meat balls~ XD *hint hint to irn~*

boss owh boss! wat u lookin at the top there? too bored to be at the front row?

the girl in purple.. 1st yr intake.. i tink her nick name was jimmy? ok im sorry girl.. but yea... i haven pass u this pic... sorry..~ haven been seeing u arnd wa~

after some speech... time to eat!!! kuih batik~~ XD n the tapak kuda.... it was overly sweet n thick! gah.. i had the taste preset in my mind.. then when makan.. wahlaaaau... cannot ahhhh~ hehe... then the food?? i kept eating satay sja.. cuz malas take plate n eat... ah wells.. ketupat~ i didn eat it too~ hmm..

well.. tho there's free food.. there are still stalls selling food... hmm we love the kebab stall.. n the other stall otw up to library... my fav from there.... the pohpiaaaaa~ *yuum*

during the karaoke session.. i fled to chancellor hall to help set up the resco booth~ n yea... got stories la.. such as.. thinkin we were sharing with this club.. then suddenly vc complained.. this club got pissed off... n took down all their deco.. leaving us the whole booth to ourselves...but originally the whole booth was indeed belonged to us.. but we didn mind sharing ba... but ah wells.. =p.. n i stayed in chancellor hall til like... night time??? went to giant n makan n balik! went back hostel only by 10something? gosh.. didn expect it to be this late.... hehe cuz was hanging out in BJFA booth... n lucky i stayed back.. cuz got to remodify RESCO booth with ayoy~

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