Monday, October 20, 2008

raya in istana

when we went to one of the hashers' open house, some of the hashers who went to the istana tat morning... came n showed this adorable packing of goodies from the istana... waseeh... reminded me hoow long i haven been to the istana... i know i was very young n squished by the indian n indonesian workers arnd me...lucky my dad held my hand very very tightly otherwise... i would be 'swept away by the current'... hahha but still worth it sumhow....we had a meal, shaked hands with the royalties, green packet of 5bucks n a plastic containers of goodies!

somehow.. i prefer my childhood memories' goodies tho~ more 'genuine'? i remembered it was very nice la...

nevertheless the packing this yr.... i like!!! i want one~ XD cuz its pretty pretty! =D ah wells.. time..XD

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