Thursday, October 30, 2008

convo convo convooooooo!!congratsssss!~

its convocation n how cud we miss not vandalising the kain putih???? wahahhaa i mean leaving our notes n thanx n wishes n everything else ther??

here's mine in green... peace to ya all!!! n enjoy this convocation as much as u can!!!

suzy's fren drew this.. i forgot her name.. cute right?? i like i likeeeee

i have no idea who wrote this.. but its simple n impactful... laaawaaaa

lia's message.... even bigger n more impactful n colourful!! waseh catches attention eh.. hehehe syooook to write ehh..~ hmmm nxt yr... dun tink i can leave any msges there tho.. hmmm.. ahhh.. ahh wells.... happy convo! (is there even have such word... wahahhaa)

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