Tuesday, October 28, 2008

siew chee's bday present~

one night.. she jus called us over to her room.. n we saw this humongous ....not one..but two teddies!!! wohooo sooo cute la... all from her IM peeps... hahahaha laaawaaa

the lil one.. her sis bagi.. hehehe.. the two roses frm her IM peeps too... they even compiled a book...with pics n msges for her! soooo nice!!!

her rosary... of all places she put it there... really cute laa..

the white teddy is the most famous among us.. simply tat its uberly cute!!! n it was given by a guy called sky? we were teasing her berabis!! hehehee

n look how we teased it back.. wahhaha... totally adorable.. n sowi for censoring someone's eyes.. hahhaa... the main character is the teddie waaa~ xD

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