Wednesday, October 15, 2008

kids run

this was some event....on saturday jus before the mid sem break..the KBH4 ppl organised an event for kids hash.. n they used this location in labi where we have to walk across this mini hill to get into this 'beach-alike-area'~ btw it was a free run! no nid to pay =D but still a bad thing to me... lama no go..thus stamina back to zero... -_-

not long after we went in la.. companying the kids... there were 2 long and one kids run... since we this dont want too long(plus the long trail had banjir moments~) so we chose the short run~

walking with the kids were actually quite a new thing? haha cuz normally we rush.. then now.. we wait and look out for the kids...

this part of the trail.. is finding candies time!! haha sorta treasure hunt..but its candies! managed to get some of the sweet packets la...

then helping the kids crossing the fallen tree trunk.. waseh duno's trail soo many crossing tree trunks lor... ksian the guys who had to be in the river to be 'support pillars' and help them cross....

after crossing...they distributed the candies... n the kids went wild after them..! of course the litters went into the plastic bag! =) n this was the time my digi cam battery went flat~ =( btw there was this ksian... he was like... im lazy~~~ with that manja voice of his... some of the aunties took turns to carry him! luvky him! but the lil girls were quite strong... sometimes they didnt need help~

ahaa! out of the forest finally! the lil kids were collecting mini branches to throw into the fire~ btw using dad slr owedi....lucky lucky!

this was before starting raya festival... n owedi they semangat bawa minyak tanah.. haha.. n ermm dun mind the carlsberg~ haha doesnt suit in~

this were the place we all in~ hehehe a huge open ground filled with sorta-beach-sands!!the kids went wild playin arnd!

the adults set up net across these 2 uber tall but thin tree trunks~ n played volleyball!! most of us didn know how to play..antam antam sja.. haha.. n actually tired out in fetching the balls...=P

the headmaster brought this sprayin thingie thing n filled it with water... n the kids love it!! =D

wahahaha i guess i was bored... this was one of the hashers' drink.. he just placed it there.. n i... well.. like that lor XD duno wat to say cuz i duno wat im tryin to show here eh? drink dry ginger ale in a sorta sandy area? XD

wahahaha promo promo my bloggie ahh~ ah wells.. after this.. i went to join the volleyball.. as usual.. im totally scared of balls!!!!! when i saw it bouncing to me... i sorta freaked out.. n backed away~ thus the ball came bouncing down to the ground...n when i tot i could hit it... the ball came bouncing higher than me! XD

there there! the minyak tanah that i was stalking~ =D

me n mom relaxing n eating arnd.. n owwh many lamb chops tat nyt~ we were... enjoyin ourselves eating!(i was determined in not eating tat night.. but as usual.. it was impossible) then the sausages were great too... n chicken~ yuuum~

n the kids were playin arnd... worshipping the minyak tanah.... n chanted arnd~ hmmm its harmless ryt? =P just that when they play the bunga api.. they kinda went insane further... @_@ ah wells.. we had fun that day =)

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