Friday, October 17, 2008

wedding time~

we got reserved table! hahhaa n yeaaaa tat day duno what happen to my mom.. she kept tumpah stuffs arnd.. one of the soy sauce...another is a glass of water...=p n me?? cup of cuka... fine fine.. we were clumsy duno for wat.. so the side of our table.. it was kind of wet~ XD

dad taking shoot tests~ well he didn take much pics tat night... cuz... sorta retire liaw.. anyhoots got other photographers its alright for him to relax.. normally he would be taking pics n ended up not eating much... ksian him him relax! lucky him =D

the menu for the night~ weird that the fried rice is in the middle of the course.... normally its at the end! but yea... maybe trying to get us full before getting to the end...cuz normally when the rice at the end of the course... we would be too full.. n thus loootsa rice leftovers~ =p

im being sooo nonsense... taking pics of dishes that we baru abis makan! haha maybe im just being 'different'.. instead of taking pics of the beginning...i take the 'end'... showing that we got abis the food wa... well okokla the makanan... some cudnt abis...

need to pose with my parents too! vain vain~

the newlyweds! they had this session where the groom's 'brothers' and the bride's 'sisters' went on stage... and they tell the story on how they met each other... it was funny!!! XD

the bride's mom singing .... n a lady companying her by dancing totally actively!!!!! we were all entertained by her... but a bit over la... but she has the guts to dance like that in front of us!!

the girls~ haha realised im the youngest... i guess... im getting.... 'auntie'~ haaah~ fatter than some of the aunties even... not worthy of an auntie even?

hashers! this was at the end of the wedding ceremony.. we were still hanging arnd... still not used to balik awal i guess...hehe

dad n mom... =)

crowded crowded~ hahaha trying to squish them altogether eh~ XD jolly jolly night~

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