Saturday, November 1, 2008

convo opening!

went to ch early morning with jiajia n lim han picked us up.. then time for us to dress up!! after that... the girls like yee jan n ai len.... they wana tie my hair up!! the two high ponytails! n gah... the look on my face...mcam really really petrified! hahaha n they sure had fun fixing my hair!

after taking some pics.. n they fix my hair agn~ envious of jiajia n sharon able to move freely arnd~ wahaha

ta-dah! finally!! hair done.. n we took pics n pics~ n we were the girls wearing yukata that day including fen, who brought her own yukata... ours are minako sensei's~

ai len!! hehee my dahling for the day? XD

me n the girls that made my hair happen~ XD thanx.. but i still feel a lil ya know... disturbed by the 'tryin to act cute look'?? haha ah wells.. nvm..i kinda like it somehow

most the people present in ch..masuk the hall.. waiting for the crown prince to arrive~

n tadah~~ crown prince arrived! hehe.. long lens to take his pic.. hmmm but surely ppl biasa look at his close up pic in newspprs udah waaa~

sexy yee jan! she was spose to cover her face... but then.. ended up looking quite sexy! XS n ai len's pose..totally dismissing me.. n siew chen didn prepare fast enough when i take the pic? wahaha

me posing with the lady who teaches mandarin language*she is really really tall!* n me with minako sensei teaching japanese~ minako sensei dragged me over to the language centre booth to supposedly escort crown prince over to the booth.. but since it was too many ppl arnd~ tak jadi!so we were standing theer sja when crown prince arrived...

feel 'japan'?? =D

i think it was either farni or sharon holding my camera n she took this la... hehe.. naaah closer look on crown prince la~ XD

after crown prince left the 'area'.. we were having our pics taken with the grps~ got with international students and various important ppl that i have no idea who they were*didn mean to be rude.. just tat... i didnt ask =P*

lim han teasing my two ponytails! n how he apologised n er... i have no idea what they were talking already.. just pose arnd sja... n someone (either sharon or farni) kept snapping pics~

sharon took this pic... tauwa... cute brabis!

then crown prince reached RESCO booth! n i was there.... notice the lil red colour baju on the right hand side of the pic? its me.. i didnt wana masuk actually.. but they all asked me to masuk sja.. i tink i spoil the whole pic..haha cuz its so... out of topic ba! ah wells

the RESCO gang! =D

then pijah came! so we could only vain arnd~hehe

wan's cara melayu meets chinese style, me in yukata n analisa in her batik skirt n top~ hehhee all different styles~

went back to BJFA booth.. n gah.. what did i see? caught in action!! eating pop mie behind the booth!!! waseh..... brought water boiler lagi! geng or not?? hahha

walked arnd... n saw lovely ladies, masayumi n ... i never knew her name.. but always see her arnd hostel~ im sorry~

we were not bullying. we were not bullying.. we were not bullying...! =D

yes mischievous guy?

i see u in webcam! wahahaaa~ whatever we do outside at the booth, whether its foolish acts or serious ones...ppl saw them thru the cam!!!!! wahliu~

cute bag!!!! face of a cat n got ears some more(the ears couldnt be seen here tho~ syg!)

jiajia mcam promoting the laptop... salesperson~ =) she looks like japanese no? =D

wan taking pics with his 'buddy' n mingling with him~ wahahhaa tau posingnyaaa

sorry... cudnt reach to his eye level.. cant pose much~ =p

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