Sunday, November 2, 2008

open 'lab' n bday cake for the 'man'

the technicians drew on the whiteboard for open lab!!!

i went to lab wearing yukata! haha posed with liang~ cuz he special request~ yeawa... i know u haf 'some feeling' for me punya~ XD ah wells.. i tink i look very 'ganas-ish' here~ mcam... gangster punya lady~

gah liang! no need take revenge on me sayin u have something for me... by takin pic of me eating the tapak kuda!!! cuz i know in ur heart... one n only sol! so sweet his face here~~ =p

.... i look 'ghostly' here~ cuz the lens from cold to hot yea..kabur kabur~ hmm but i dun look scary i guess? *gasp* in chinese beliefs... if its a red.. it means.... revenge!!!! @_@ now.. who should i take revenge on?

oz!!! making his funny face~ =D nyways.. before we came here.. we went to bakerlyn to pick the cake.... n went to lab to put the cake... somehow.. liang n sol didn suspect anything! wohooo lucky~~

then..we switched off the lights.. then in the cake! they were surprised i guess... plan succeeded!!! yaaay haha but we have no candles... cuz the bakerlyn ppl didn give us! y???? read the message below~

"Be A Man!! Mr. Jan Jan & Mr. Tui Tui" its not a bday msg! haha we wanted to make it unique... so no bday note la.. so i guess they terus think its not for bday purposes~ lawa the cake? hgehe its fruit flan i tink.. n its 1kg...for 40bucks~ but then.. the cake.. wasnt that nice.. cuz... the almond not crispy owedi~~ n then... the taste is a lil 'healthy'~ =p

XD they sporting ppl~ liang asked sol to hold the knife with him to cut the cake... sol shy..but finally gave in!

goodness!!! u two~ hahaha soooo sweeeet~ ah wells.. guess we gave the wrong message... we asked them to be a man! .... between of them is a man only....n the other is...??? wahhahaa nola.... maybe should be... 'Be Manly!!!' haha... ah wells.. our bday wish for them to be man... was not that successful.. maybe cuz its half of liang n half of sol... tat makes a complete man? =D

yummy looking~ n liang cut off their names, like jan jan to him n tui tui to sol.. he cut 'a man' to sol also..i guess~

posing with chee n shan~

irn who was hungry from earlier! she couldnt stand it owedi.. so she did the cutting n ate the cake terus~ hehe n oz...showing that face can only mean one thing... he must had disliked the cake cuz its not sweet enough!!! aaww~ sorry~ but the taste was just ok for us girls...hehe

r u puckering ur lips?? XD yeawa... been telling u that ur real cute already waa~ =D

luckily someone covered my face purposely!! cuz the main point here in shan!! waseeeeeh sexy pouty lips! (i know when u see that i posed this pic of urs.. u'll be shrieking or something... nvmwa... really lawaaaaa... u 'killed' us all with ur 'killing' eyessss~)

grp pic~ haaaaah~~ first time grp pic in a very very looong time! hahaha~ n ksian the single cut cake... dun tink anyone paid attention it~ cuz we forgot to take pics with the whole cake..cuz too hungry! so ...left with the slice of cake... still considered as cake right? XD

not long after... it was open lab time!!they brought cakes n other yummie things such as the cheese cake...but hafta use spoon to scoop them out la.. it was yummy! but if put in fridge..lagita nyaman!! hehe

the guest from... i guess?? she was there having a fun time with them too!

during break time of the microprocessor clas... mymy... what was i looking at?? n the girls were lookin at it too!! XD i tink i was fixing the yukata i guess... no worries.. got wear spaghetti strap baju dalam... so its fast to expose! =D after the class... rushed back to ch to strip myself n return the yukata to sensei~ thanx sensei! n i realised... going arnd wearing yukata.. is plain... difficult! cuz restricted movements wa..i couldnt sit still on the stool~ XD

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