Friday, November 21, 2008


oh yeaa.... suppose to do this when i saw this post in razan's blog that day... but was bz that i forgot.. until today... when i was resting from studying... then i did it..~ haaah i got so many versions i didn know which one to choose.. n i uploaded more than enough pics..(didnt want to.. cuz it would not feel 'special' anymore...) but still i uploaded quite a number of them because each represents different feeling, a different story... i hope u all enjoy...~

*psst... i chose the design like that... cuz... im no designer..=P nah.. i wrote 'love' at my wrist... cuz its the most common area/way to suicide...(wrist slitting) and the cross...for me, im not trying to signify any religion la..but because the cross sorta represents the 'symbol' for salvation that ppl would usually use...its quite a 'universal' yea.. i used that 'symbol'... n yea... dont mind my chubby hand....XD*

*i yearn for acceptance*

*i yearn for attention*

*i yearn for strength*

*i yearn for help*

* i yearn for understanding*

*i yearn for freedom*

*i yearn for heaven*

*i yearn for happiness*

while im 'at' it... i was in the mood to be 'vain'...well..sorta... cuz while i was snapping my hand away... got these mood over me..~so yea... enjoy 'my pics'

*determined to live*

*does anyone care?*

*in the verge of breaking down*

*to think and to decide*

*yes, there is love*

hmm... i hope that the captions fit the pictures tho.. im not that good at it... anyone wana help? feel free to do so by leaving comments~ =)

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