Monday, November 10, 2008

car boot sale day

a love note from oz to liang~ by putting it at the back! XD

wan owh wan...y u this? *missing* someone? =D

me n ziman~ tryin to be vain~ hehe~

me n yi yii... trying to stretch n show our teeth?? XD

love gettin food from the n not bad the taste..hahaha~save money in wallet...but gain a lil thru tummy~

the car boot sale held in FOS car park... it caused lots of ppl sasat finding parking...

huh! i noticed someone...~ isat.... nouri???

yep yep..its her n she was there selling stuffs too~ got victoria secret's product n other lotions n etc...

nisaaaaaaaa~~ buying something there? =)

selling cupcakes n 2nd hand stuffs i guess....

thanx oz for the ice cream! u made my day!!! =)

rajin ppl~ hehhee talking bout programming~ sighh.... sol liang oz irn~ help meeeee~

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