Saturday, November 8, 2008

perv on the loose

as i was saying, the bla,bla,bla,blaaaaa


uhm.. ok... forget it.. forget what i just said...*turns away*

*turns to other target*....*stares*!

okay~~~ i feel weird i feel weird! no! dont look at me, u perv!
hahaa just a random post... showing lim han's perv look again....btw the place he took us to eat for dinner... nice la... mine was kuew tiaw soup with 4types of yong jap~ first time eating like this in a very long time... thanx! =D (btw..its not halal... sorry if i was able to tempt the muslims....? -_-) n thanx to jia jia for lanja-ing us~ hehe

n also..... happy graduating lim han!!! wish u all the best in ur future~~~ XD

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