Monday, December 10, 2007

introducing EEE 07

well well well... here i am... will be updating about my EEE classmates (2007 batch)... hahha

these infos are specially dedicated to our EEE seniors.. who still arent sure with our names n face... so there you go!!! *meiling ah~~ make sure u recognise all 6 anaks of mine owh~ since u gona b their papa-chan~ hahahah*

ohh both my anak sulong and bongsu soo duwan to listen to babu~ hahaha

auzi!!! my anak sulong!!! he is one of the original three...( after d scholarhsips ppl go.. leaving me, auzi and irnnie~) in EEE we have high hopes for him!! hahaha he may be a rajin gamer but still rajin in studies...~~ but though he is very innocent... he may be 'evil' at times... so bewaree~~

my second anak.... nyuk shan~~ my former gp and physics registration classmate... though she seem quiet but she's one crazy girl!! specially during stress moments in the hostel... hahaa and im soo into her 'crown'... its so addictive to hold it~~ huhu

next...-> irnnie!!! (one of the original three~~) haaha she is brainy... and pretty!! hahaha * who says female engineers arent pretty?? * huhuhu nywyaz... she used to be quiet... but since we got to know each other more.... she opened up liaw... and we got closer~~ *not in 'that' sense.. of course -_-") eh irnnie.... *steady, steady~* ^_^

oooohh~~~ yen chee!!! she was my former physics classmate.. but never spoke to her... but to my surprise i got real close to her this year!!! she sumtyms is unpredictable n dare to say things that ive never thought of... haha love her to bits!

eseehhh shy shy jian liang aka teddy~ he was my former physics classmate too... and we never speak to each other... but now we are okok hahahha.... he can either very friendly wit u or a lil cold towards u... haha with us.. he's a lil of both la... ah wells...*hugs*!! huhuu

last but not least, my anak bongsu~~~ ah sol ahhhh (auzi's soulmate...i approve of these siblings' forbidden love~ X-D!! LOL!!) the last guy to enter our batch and yet got close liaw... hahha he always seem soo sick... rupa rupanya he loves sports til he over exert himself ehh.. hehe *relax eh sol!!!) and yea did i eva tell u tat... im very surprised when i look thru ur frenster pics??? hahahaha

THERE U R!!!!!! abis intro all of EEE peeps!!! i wonder when can i intro d seniors too?? hahahhaa ah wells... im so glad that our seniors approached us and intro each other.... nice ppl they are~~ *and crazy and perverted and... and... *speechless** huhuhu

fighting using balsa sticks in EN lab~

playing arnd with super glue~~~ eh auzi... spoiler in d pic! hehehehe

paying attention in class eh these three guys!

uwaaaaaaa!!!! huhuuu posted this pic agn... what to do.. its just too nice... EEE ppl... ehh i want to make personalised jerseys for ourselves~~ *hint hint* ^_^

oh chemical engineers... ur not forgotten.... dun sad sad wei wei~~ huhu.. eh where's basil?? @_@

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