Sunday, December 16, 2007

to a 'royalty*gay*fren'

specially dedicated to this particular.. 'royal highness' kawan~ haven been hanging out with him for months! and he is just.... ah wells... for more information about him and his life...-> am just posting the pics we took in my place.... yes... he was here for wireless, to update his blog which he haven touch for 'quite' some time...~

berlagak pose(?)

btw we were camwhoring a lil~~ so here d pics!

a lil blur... but me like! hahaha n ak looks purty?? huahuahuaaaaa memang my official 'gay fren' lol!

he liked this pic... n i dun really like it... cuz.... can see my fats!! n him... he liked his face here..*duh~* hahaa

hmmmm n wat were we doing besides that? owh since server was down... watched animax n ultravoilet saja.... while waiting for transfer of files to his new beloved baby, the hard drive~ hmmm overall we didn catch up much la... hmm nvmla...

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