Tuesday, December 25, 2007


oooooo its xmas eve! n there's celebrations everywhere! my sis has party in bandar.. my bro in somewhere n my parents n i in kb~~~~ waaaai! ^_^

its a potluck thingy so had to prepare food~ me n mama made a dish with mashed potatoes with shopped mushrooms with tuna n mayonnaise etc etc~ n finally topped with cheese... made extra for bro too~

there u r!! =P!

reached there arnd 7.30? we were r dressed up in red with d xmas hats~ wawawaa... we still look fresh in d pic above...~

hmmmm?? ohhh yeaaa love d decor there~ different colours of light~ la-la-di-da~~

ok.... my drink!! bacardi mixed with mirinda~ me love d colour!!!! it tastes good! ^_^

my dad's red drink n my green drink... specially these two colours simply because its xmas!! but owhh dad's drink more concentrated.... me no really like~ T_T

oooops... i kinda finish more than half of it.... @_@

with d lady of d house~~ n my mama's back in d background~

preparing more food in d kitchen for d hungry ppl outside~

me labbie labbie this one! d lady of d house was in melaka when she asked for it to be customized

after bacardi... vodka!! with cool lemon o sumthing...but its not tat good... hmmm... gosh we look so drunk like tat liaw.. mama drank so much more... ermm contreau mixed wit limau kasturi...

grp picture time! this pic only d red shirts ppl in... there were more ppl.. but who ask them not to wear red?? so no pics for them!! wahahahaaha

huh?? wat wat?? owhh yeaa... b4 tat... they were like gambling n gambling(13 cards)...well... actually me oso but..... it was my papa's money tat im losing... wahahahha~ sowi sowi...~

moments after d countdown... ppl r still bz taking pics! ^_^ papa my dear dear~~ ah wells... went back arnd 12.45?

ahh its xmas...~~ fill d stocking pls? mr santa? pwetty pwetty pls??? huhu... but it was nice when... i was sleeping n suddenly my sis msged arnd 9 somethin...sayin there's pressie underneath my bed...eeee!!! labbie her~ hahaha its a plushie~ d moose like thingy ^_^ thanx sis!! ah wells... i got her a green polo t-shirt~ hope it fits... =P!

the next morning, we went to dad's colleague's place for open house... agn we all wore red! hahah semangat ppl we are~ n gosh d food was like... heavenly! hahaha masakan kpg eh... still its nice! *slurps*

unofficial family pic...~ wawawa d adorable lil kid is d colleague's child....~

she is just too PLAYFUL!! darn playful n energetic n hyper n etc etc.... running arnd n walk here n there n non stop talking... soo active!! when my dad keep taking her pics... she starts to model! haaha she luuuuuurves d cam!! haaaha cute to see her tat way la... n she no shy shy wit strangers... she gladfully welcome anybody n treat them like someone she know.... aaaaw~

d adorable kid kept them entertained~ hahahaa right hand side guy... a japanese... look at his expression! LOL!

after that.. went to my uncle's place to test drive d sport car... gosh... my hair totally messed up riding in tat car..T_T but ah wells.... uncle got new lcd!! @_@.....

so wat if i dress so red?? i can represent hotlink, 3g bmobile, airasia's colours! b proud of it!! wawawaa~~ hmmmm around 3 something.. went to supa save with ak. to buy some stuffs.... as usual... i didn buy anythin n ak. bought la... of course! huhu then balik after tat... since he had to go bandar~ aha! enough time for me to edit n upload pics~ ^_^

after parents came back from hashing n bathed.... went to nancy william's place.... n owwwh lama no go there liaw... when uncle william n papa recalled about their times when i was so young n naive n short n we usually party outside..~ haaaah! n they exagerrated how fast i grew~ @_@ -_-""

drunk ppl(dad's colleagues) ~ first pic- left-chinese, right-japanese, second pic- japanese... whoaa their english r neither good nor bad... it was ok.... jus need to concentrate a tad more to understand them......

relaxing~~ i rather sit there chatting normally... rather than going into d other private room where there's thick cigarrette smoke n more alcohol waiting...n MORE ppl gathered there... -_-" but syg d band not playing tonyt... they shud be! such good band! hahaha wat to do... conquered by looots of ppl!.... n owh owh owh!!! guess wat??? of all ppl.... met ang ang there!!! soooo unpredictable!! i was like....EEEEHHHH???? @_@ ur here??? hahaha n he was wit his normal bangang face.... hah? ... ^_^ ah wells.... a great xmas to alll!!!!!

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