Thursday, December 20, 2007

that adorable lil'... lil' darls!!!

wawawaa.... my parents went to labi to join d ppl who's making trail getting ready for d hash 2mrw... n when i saw d pics... gosh... wat were they doing????
playing mahjong in d hutan???? huhuhu need to relax after making trail wa.... ^_^

n oh oh oh!!!! someone brought this mixed breed sausage doggie to hash.. n brought it into d forrest.... n let d doggie jln jln la... n when it came out.. terus it slept... like d pic above!!! apparently it's too tired... hahaha n d hashers got kacau d poor doggie n it wouldnt roll to d side.. it just stayed in dat position...~

@_@ hahhaa but its a very very cute pic to me... X-D!!!

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