Sunday, December 23, 2007

brief trip to bandar

after coming back from anna's place... had lunch... and had to wait for papa to work.... so while waiting.... play arnd wit d digi camera~ then after tat watched more hanakimi!! eeeeeee i love tat drama! hahahhaa
leong family~~ emphasizing d colour red~

emphasizing blue in this case.... using my dad's old pic of d masjid..~ n d white light is... d light in d living room! hehehe

my dad had to go for a wedding reception....otw there... took pic agn~~ *i know i know!!! i was bored along d way wat!* hahhaa sakai over d colour accent thingy~ sigh...

in hua ho manggis.... went jln jln~~ did some shopping~

in orchid's hotel... washroom! hahaha mama was like... take pics in washroom?? hahaa... ohhh my sis was terribly sick!! so she looked a lil teary here~ hahaha....

took pics with d xmas tree~

yaaaaay!!! xmas comin sooN!!

otw back home... papa n mama in one car n me n sis one car..~ it was raining cats n dogs... sigh... scary eh d weather~ sooo not for me to drive! eeeeee

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