Sunday, December 23, 2007

farewell anna!

on saturday went to see anna to pass her cookies n transfer manga...BUT it was in a dvd... n she cudnt transfer...*so sowi* but yea... went to see her oso because d next day..she's leaving for kuching!!! uwaaaaa~~~~ b4 xmas lagitu~ sigh... hmmm i just know this girl for more than 2.5 yrs? back in smsa la... n my very first time seeing her was...(probably u dont remember this eh..anna~) in d smsa toilet near d hall..! hahha she was abt to change from bju krg to bju bebas.... n she was frust cuz her baju was sent laaate! n she really tu-lan look la.. hahaha n then.. when gp class.... she was there!! n also same registration class!! hehehe....
posing with d 'moose o 'reindeer'... huhu anna has a new haircut!!! cute!!! hahaha

uwaaa.... syg only stayed for awhile....since need to get back for lunch at home n also... hafta get ready go bandar wit parents~ huhu... anna~~~ me labbie u~~~ wish u all d best...~~ a new chapter in ur life... but hope u wont forget me!! ^_^

her resignation letter.. d first ever letter tat i saw with raito(death note guy) in it... hahahaha creativity huh?

got these from anna!! yaaaay~~~ nyaman!! hahahahaha thanx!!! baaa hav fun girl!!!

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