Saturday, December 29, 2007

Emblem Party 07

friday!!! first would like to say sowi to pratz, siew chee n azlina for not able to hang wit ya ppl~ cuz gotta help papa take pics for d big event waaa...... next week k?? sure got chance~~ ^_^

okok... now its the real deal.... emblem party 07...~ d end year party!! weeeeee~~ hahaha though im not a worker o what... but its fun~~~ ngehehehhhee~~~
i sooo love the ceiling~~~ ngaaaaah!

plenary hall of icc~ *speechless* eeEEeEEeee syg its blur... hahhaa

very d grand~~ last year was empire.. but i didn go since d space very limited.... heard its grand... but this year... definitely more luilui used~~

the menu for the night.... its totally @_@.... yummy!!!!! yummy berabis!!! need i to say more??? =D... didn get time to take pics of d food cuz i was busy... eating them~~~ =) n oowwwwh!! i drank cream of mushroom soup..~ razan's fav!!!! owwwh razan~ dun u jealous jealous of me drinking it~ =D i know u love rbc's cream of mushroom soup..X-D!!

photographers getting ready for d guests to arrive~

sis ~

me~~~ we both took turns taking pics... hahaha both very d pemalas... kept pushin each other to take pics~

eileen thien!!! hahha surprised to see her there.... apparently she is working in sks...~ huhu do ur best gal!

food~~~~ totally satisfied~~ ^_^

YMCA~ huhuuhu some dance performances~

yoyo performance... won d most popular act or something... they are talented!! did d michael jackson moves n swinging n this n that of d yoyo~~

enjoying ourselves~~ n also relaxing!

during singing time... bro n his friend gave flowers to their fren... somehow they are more excited than him??? X-)

duet singing... chinese+malay duet~ romantic~ hahaha

UWAAAA~ white light across them~

d dancers~ surprise surprise~~ neva knew wud able to see amirah n shimah here (both my ex-classmates in sas~)... as usual nancy's dancing~

after d event.... after hard work... there shud b vaining time for photographers!!!huhuhu we just loooove to take pics~

shooting here n there ... u shoot me... i shoot u back!!! papa-> eh eh eh... enough u all ah.... take so many pics for wat???'

taking down d huge curvie balloons!!!!! i was sooo excited when it was comin my way...~

i didn waste any time... n terus asked d guy whether i could hold it~~ i was so extremely happy~~~ hahaha had to use some effort to hold d tali ehh... ppl always say helium-filled-balloons will lift u up..but then nola.. i think? not enough to carry 'me' off...~~ @_@

partners in crime/ daddy.daughter know how to pose!! ah wells... i didn update much bout d party cuz there's too many pics.. mayb around a total of 1000 pics? n most r work related stuffs.. u readers wont want tat, wud u??? ^_^

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