Friday, January 16, 2009

lck vs sharon =D

=) this was on a wednesday after coming back from the bjfa ex-comm's thingie thing.. im there simply im being ke-poh haha will update those pics later on.. just wana update this firstXD owh sharon dearest~ there ur pics~ haha well we were talking abt cosplay then she showed me one of her custome that she recently bought n wanted to use.. =p

n i got to try on it~ =p that dress.... loootsa lotsa fabric!!! haha well she wanted to dress as the chobit character, black lil chi whereas fen will dress as the white lil chi~ hahaha i shy shy~ (as if~ i love vaining lots now XD)

she borrowed me accesories like two hats n the pair of heels that a particular someone got for her on xmas =) haha im merely just trying on the baju.. not cosplaying...thus no makeup n watso ever... just having fun~ =)

sharon's turn! haha had fun taking pics in her room~ sorry for the poor quality pics...~ the pic quality is course... =p but ah wells~ i wanted to do more... but.. sis reached the hostel to pick me out for dinner ah wells... next time agn ah lil sharon? =p

hmmm.... i think i wana cosplay too~ XD ah wells... nvm.. i should be taking pics =D ba... more pics later!

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