Tuesday, January 6, 2009

typey typey typety type!

hmmm its getting closer to the end of my holidays... n the start of a new sem! what have i accomplished during the holiday? @_@



i havent even sort all those pics in the laptop n clear them off such as putting into the hard drive or burning them into dvds! wahliu....well i did just now.. copying them into my hard drive without bothering to sort them off... n saw the total number of pics i have for just one sem... more than ten thousand!!!so total in 2008...i think i have taken around 15,000 or even more?? shocked me! waddaheck! hahaha now im finding trouble for myself by taking so much pics... haaaah!!

but what i have accomplished is... starting to watch anime agn? XD gaaaaah~ its just tat easy! i guess i tot i was not free cuz ive been sticking to surfing the net aimlessly... =/

then...now just wana spend time with family n the malauz longer la... then off to UBD!! would i able to concentrate this time? hmm..will see will see.... n i really wana work out~ =( i think last sem i was in state of depression..cuz ive been stuck in hostel n do no work out..thats why at times i rant to my sis and asked her to bring me out jalan jalan~ it kept my depression to a minimum but never all... hmm i miss hashing... haha though hashing is tiring but it is able to keep me more alert n active =) owhhh baru last week i went for hashing on wednesday, it was torturing! i couldnt keep my breath well...its been a loooong while that i haven done a 'real' exercise...=p

then on sunday went to make trail...took 2hr 30min, very slow pace with rest stops in between... which is so much better... i was so glad because i got to burn fats! at last!!! but i got mixed feelings of happy and also..'oh no!why??' feelings when dad brought us to sg liang's pizza hut to feast! -_- i could choose not to eat..but.. lama no makan also... n its soo tempting n mom said..its alright to indulge after a workout! then i had some of pizza, pasta n cheese garlic bread~after the meal i felt guilty X-( it was unevitable... it is fate! X-D *trying to calm myself* then we went back to site... just to see...heavy rain!! then stopped raining..then drizzling then heavy rain agn!! the weather was very very random!! haaa... our trail was in danger! thus someone helped to go into the trail n lay more papers~ eyeeer~ but the hashers enjoyed that trail i guess... though they were exercising under the rain... refreshing kali..~ n owwwwwwh when i was inside... i got bitten by huge ants few times!! sooo annoying~~ pain la.. but annoying to be arnd ur body.. got one in my bra lagi! grrrr.... then at night... the big boss lanja us chinese meal consisting seaweed soup, sweet n sour pork(crunchy!), mixed veggies stew, hot plate jap tofu with egg(yummy! been awhile la havent eat~), fried peria with egg(ewwww not a fan of periaa...but the egg was nice), fish head curry(yuum) n a plate of fruits... didnt plan to eat but agn! whoooaaa... temptation is my biggest enemy but its also very...tempting XD so by the end of the day... my net weight...a positive gain! -_-

wooooww im typing alot considering i didn put any pics in... hahha ah wells... i have many other stuffs i never had the chance to post them up such as hostel n ubd orientation, resco raya n 'health day'(wasnt healthy as we were enjoying ourselves to bbq XD) and other random stuffs... but im gona post up the pics of the visit of prince charles n duchess over to ubd chancellor hall.... so soon la.. maybe 2mrw =)

nah a lil pic of me sja.. haha in my vain moment... but i tink its one of my 'bimbotic' moment too! XD wahahhaha but im NOT~ im just a plain 'idiot' =D *make up ur mind, LcK!-__-*

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