Tuesday, January 27, 2009

mini cosplay n photoshoot~

on a normal wednesday,21.01.09, after rushing from the scouts briefing to the bjfa meeting and what did i first react when i saw the ppl inside? i was like.. what the?? why got ppl 'stood out' with their bajus?? so fancy?? then it hits me... ahhh a mini cosplay thingy thing! wheeee!! i was shocked yet excited looking at them! i couldnt really focus properly when i saw riku n hiro dressed like that!=D

then i was like.. whooaaa... candy? biting lollipop?really i was hyper n terus took out my camera(thank goodness i brought it!) n started taking pics arnd~ and they were also writing their names volunteering for the upcoming BIG event~ im soooo gona model~ XD hope ai len tat time got write my name in... otherwise... i model my own! XD

what was more eyecatching was these lovely models dressed in these extravaganzaaa outfits!!! wheeee! i never knew i could see this in brunei of all places!! i had to adjust myself to look at them~ n after a while... i love their outfits! but i would never wear them (no money to purchase such 'sweetness'~) unless got someone to borrow me and i would la! XD apparently they arent from UBD but from another school... with them arnd, the bjfa members got to 'feel' the feeling n look of cosplays! yaaay! thanx for dropping by~

another moment i got amazed was this! whoooa sooo rajin to have all those 'equipments'!!with fake guns n all those i-duno-what-is-it-called-'gears' =D hm he is cosplaying... err... (in my head- first thing out-> metal gear solid? ok im not sure... not a gamer at all~ =p) then we had taka as taka n hiro as... (first thing in my mind-> allen walker from d.gray man?) but ppl said she was dressed as a butler~ hmmmm welll~ different ppl different opinions =)

errrm..*alert-> FAKE guns...as in TOY GUNS!* this is a lil extreme~ guess its not that appropriate to post it up here but ah wells.. if ppl give me warning then i shall take it down... ah wells... both of them... in a love n hate relationship...as in... very extreme! ahhh mr n mrs smith? =D

uwaaa really like WAAA~mcam like a terrorist~ n i didnt take a proper pic of him but actually on his left ear, he had a bluetooth device there lagi... made him look cooler! =D

me with sharon with makeup! eseh eseeeh~ n i was using rain's hat which then later asked for his permission... XD somehow using that hat made me wanted to cosplay robin from one piece... =p

had a brief performance by fif,dk,riku,hiro n dd~ they are actually recruiting dancers so they had to showcase it to the members..but for me, too energetic their dance.. so i caaaant~ X-(

why is everybody looking towards the left hand side? @_@ haha im just posting this picture for no reason =p

had another very extremely brief performance of lim han kna attacked =D ah wells they claimed it to be a dance of some sort =.=

there! earlier on i took pics of only 4 of the girls n nana wasnt in it! there she is...! her first sentence to me was.. she was almost blinded by my camera flash XD sooo sorry~ hehehe btw.. i fell in love with her lil hat~ i want one! =/

after the bjfa meeting was done n shan's willingness to walk back to hostel without me(thanks shan!! i love u!!!!), we got to go somewhere to have a photoshoot session with the girls!! haha here's irene with her samurai(is there another 'gelaran'?) outfit in ubd! =)

followed vince's transport with dk,dd,neko,fif in the car to empire!! gaaaah i felt soo excited! wheeeeee~ first time to have such photoshoot with models! =D

so first... intro the photographer for the photoshoot that day-> lim han~ its his 'day' so i didnt actually take much pics of the models la... but... i was taking pics randomly sja~ freestyle modeling kali? hahha soo on with the freestylers! n ive sorted them out such as the single freestylers, the pairings of two n three! =D so wna vote who looked the best? =D here goess~ *pls dont mind my whatever-nonsense-crappie-imaginary-things i typed as the captions ahh...hope there's no harm done!*

model#1- the oh-so-very-playboy-slash-cowboy. he is just arnd ready to break more girls' hearts! but he is still waiting for 'the one'... are you? =D

model #2- the-blur-yet-extremely-cool-samurai. she is the travelling samurai who accidentally travelled through time n just wandering arnd n exploring the new found surroundings

model#3- brunei's very own walking model with weird fetishes (somehow)XD he was arnd to 'trap' more victims into his 'plans' =O

model#4- an expression-less marrionette? just wandering arnd n amaze us with her outfit n expression-less expression? XD btw i like the back of her head where she fixed her hair properly with the help of a gem.. n her shoes.... lovely!! *shrrieeeks*

model#5- the very-flexible-and-chameleon-alike-homosapien! =p she could be seductive, she could be cool but most important of all, she's herself! XD

model#6- the... music lover? there's something 'mysterious' about him... ah wells the picture says it all... XD

model#7- the very emo-soft-hearted-kitty-in-human-form! did i say that he is very sensitive n fragile too? be careful..or he might break =p

model#8- the dude-who-daydreams-too-much! he who wishes to be successful in life and wanted to be wealthy but ended up as in butler~

model#9- an-almost-gothic-lolita-who-could-grab-ppl's-attention-like-a-magnet. ppl just adore her until its so strange for the fact that no one has ever dislike her!some rumours that she might have practised black magic to....*gaaaah it got me it got meeeeee!!...toot toot toot X-P*

model#10- she-is-bringing-sexy-back~ a girl who always appear to the public with her 'back' only! -_- *okay i know... my lameee storytelling is real lame... -_- hush hush lemme continue with my lameness~*

model#11- the-caged-princess~but can also known as the-runaway-princess! her curse was to stay within the golden cage for all eternity, well, she did escaped but caught again n she escaped again and the scenario goes on n on for eternity too! O.o

model#12- the-quirky-yet-elegant-ballerina! she's just living in her own world where no bad things could happen and a supreme optimistic person! even evil ppl would turn good due to her errr....optimism=/

model#13- acting-so-man-but-he's-a-gay! (sorry vince for this.. i cant help it XD what to do... ur my good 'sis'!XD) he loves acting buff n manly but indeed he is... girly at heart =)

model#14- ppl normally call merman... but this! a very rare dol-man aka dolphin man whose first thing he held was a camera! never again he wana go back to the sea XD

model#15- the rawr-rawr-who-loves-to-chomp-on-buildings-dude~ *fullstop*

model#16- pretty green bananas! who says that bananas cant pose?? they are such a natural beauty that mankind yearn for that oh-so-shimmery-luscious-smooth-green-skin n wats more is its so-very-sinful-flesh-within~ XD

gaah enough of my senseless introduction of some of the models...next up! pairing models!!! =D

pairing#1- (i knew of their names from their blogs...sorry if i make a mistake k? forgive meee~) piang X jes-> she's mine, all mine @_@

pairing#2- vince X neko, im back, dahling~ im right hereeee =D

pairing#3- hiro X rain, i believe we are 'more' than buddies

pairing#4- irene X jiajia, do you realise we enjoyed each other's company? i guess..i want you by my side~

pairing#5- vince X rain, told ya our 'chemistry' was just right! (this pic better left with your imagination.. for mine.. looks good for a 'male' magazine in that sort XD)

pairing#6- sharon X fen (the unidentical twins), we are different but inseparable~

pairing#7- dd X kyuu, shucks if only 'stripping' is allowed here *wink wink*

pairing#8- taka X vince, '.......owh vince, if only you know how i felt~ =.='

pairing#9- rain X hiro (version 2), gaaah i want out of this abusive relationship!! i rather have a relationship with the banana tree!

pairing#10 - lck X taka, honey! look n pose properly in front of the camera! its our honeymoon ey~ XD

pairing#11 - jiajia X lck, we know we have eyes and the support for each other X-)

pairing#12- sharon X irene, owh samurai~, i like~ c'mere n lemme kiss ya~

gaah tired atm-> crappy not imaginative lines...-_- next! the three in a pic!!! O.o XD

three's'#1- a scandalous affair n i know it...let me show you both what i am capable of..

three's'#2-a very casual love triangle, probability of having different partners.. you do the maths!

three's' #3- there's something very cool abt them... (the effect on the first pic on the left was due to the moisture on the camera lens... =D)

three's'#4 - i want her but she wants another.. in the end i want both *guilty pleasure*

haha that's all of the models! so .... which do you like? care to vote? =D

we were randomly, not that random, just posing pose leaning against the wall to give that er... feel? but guess we all werent too synchronised =D

the models having a group pic taken by lim han~ haha jahat me to pose this unprepared and candid pic

the icy cold stare from riku has melted! XD terus become cutesey cute! n well.. hiro n sharon werent aware of this pic taken i guess XD

the 'crew' behind the scenes.... had a break n ate rain's home made snacks! sigh i didnt get my hands on them... now i miss... the corn flakes thingy thing he made during the convo previously =.=

the crew once again... notice the ppl who's posing n not posing?? XD most of them are naturals! born to be models? =D

n agn the crew at a different part of empire~ XD neko n irene were fighting n dd was trying to throw the red bag to ireneT_T only jia jia n dk didnt notice that they were caught in camera~

pose! =) look how cosy they are together~ X-)

rain n taka having the models as lovely background =)

didnt know we were this many ppl in this group outing...the more the merrier loor~ XD

a billionare with 1st n 2nd scandals 'playing' pulling session with the wife..they even have their own papparazi to increase their popularity~ =>

one of the many photosession areas~ a beautiful place to be~~ =)))

everyone is really have a great time relaxing arnd~ it felt so good =D

i was lying down on the ground n took this pic upside down... tell you ah.. the feeling of looking at the horizon upside down is...just soo wonderful!! what's great was jia jia was there to support me.. scared i myt fall... sweet of her lor *falls in love XD*

the highlight models of the day with the photographer~

vince was indeed cracked alil XD he asked the boys to get a different colour bag each.. i thought they were gona pose with them when suddenly vince called out,'okay.. one two three...lift!' XD crazy dudes~

the emo posers~ XD nah they werent posing.... they were just...acting? hmm syg i didnt go front n take a pic of them... shud be nice... btw i slipped while i took the pic... i landed on my butt XD shocking but not painful~ =)

lining up for...??? eager to get back owedi...~ since its getting late... then we went to find a place to have dinner but most the places didnt have any electricity such as the batu bersurat area, mata-mata area, gadong area, kiulap area.. n we ended up in thien thien restaurant in kiulap ... in kiulap only hua ho n the block where thien thien is have electricity... had fun~

ah wells.... there's me signing out! enjoy!=)


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Hiro said...
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JiA JiA said...

Haha...thankies for the pics XD Really didn noe that u took some of the pics tho >_> And when i read the comment u had for me, i went =___=||| xD

-LcK- said...

ur welcome ppl~ glad u like it~got some more pics!but just selected the nicer ones here~ XD wow hiro u sound like u have interest in guy scandals instead of girls! XD yea fif looked nice~ hehe n jiajiaaa~ wat to do some of ur pics potray different characters ba..sooo XD dun mind ah? haha