Sunday, February 1, 2009

cny is not cny =/

this was on cny eve... in uncle's place n he made this red wine with scoops of honeydew fruits~ yuuum! it was nice nice nice~ we had this gathering just cuz my grandparents is here in brunei =D

had our fun time... n some moments with our cousins n we enjoyed tvbs that night... it was hilarious!

mei kwan jie jie's anak-anak! soo adorable just cuz they love playing at the stairs nwe cant get enough of them XD

a grp pic of leong's family... but not complete yet~ still got uncle n auntie in west msia.. ah wells~

first day cny~ it was the first ever hottest day to see lion dance! we automatically sweat but still had time posing with the lions~ raaawr!

'lou sang'~ hehe as usual nice.. n the food? the highlight is definitely... the salmon! the smoked ssalmon is just heavenly...yum yumm!

okay.. i duno why im overly hyper with kids... i guess i... @_@ wahahhahaaha nola... im the youngest in family wat... so never hold babies ba

my bro~ the highlight is the background actually where the lil boy got scared in the 'lou sang' 'ceremony'~ he freaked out n started sobbing sitting there... poor lil him~ the grandparents n mom trying to calm him down...

me n grandma posing with this adorabe lil buffalo the lion dance did! =)

this year.. their cutting skills are really creative.. who would have thought to mould such figure from the polo skin??? impressive! a job well done!

we were all mesmerised by the flowers cuz its too pretty~ XD hafta vain beside it ehh =D then went to another place n went home cuz parents n grandparents were tired... so we all rested n slept through the afternoon~

at night... went for open house n enjoyed good food by buccaneer catering n played rummy with the newbies, guided the ang moh to play n stuff..hehehe nice nice.. i enjoyed it.. then balik...

2nd day of cny~ balik ubd for class! -_- boring ahhhh no open house n stuff~ sighhh

3rd day(update next time with pics)- went out with alicia, felicia n rachel to pai nien arnd zee kuen's, mine's, rachel's n felicia's place til night time cuz we were bz gambling n playing rummy =D

4th & 5th day- stuck at home until at night went miri with alicia, felicia n rachel, supposedly to go clubbing but nothing happened... as in.. no clubbing! just drink sja *grumbles* well went to the new parkson n omigosh nice nice nice!! haha nah nothing really interesting in miri~ hahaa practically its just like tat laaa

6th day- started to do my circuit n trax maker(assignment) n i got mad n crazy n insane n etc etc cuz i cudnt really get it.. ended up playing cards with sis then rummy with whole family~ first it was me grandpa sis n mom play... then bro took over mom place then dad took over grandpa place.. hahaha we took turns la... n then time for open house at night... 2 houses we went...good food... n dad gambles agn~ gaah big amount lagi.. =/

so far cny conclusion: i received ang pao on cny eve, 1st n 3rd day of cny... SAD OR NOT??? last time mcam almost everyday got ang pao.. this time?? gah.. i didnt know got such big difference when ur below 21 n over it.. grrr.. im still young n not married yet k?? i still nid blessings for my single life!!!! =.= sigh... nvm... cant turn back time.. i hafta accept the fact that i dun receive as much ang paos as before n accept tat im just getting older.. sighh =p BUT then... surprising is that this year got to spend time n have outings more with the malauz =) though im a family type of girl but this change is not something bad since i havent spend much time with them... thank goodness i get to have hangouts with them la =D

hmm time to get back to my assignments.. im gona die~

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