Saturday, February 28, 2009

excomm pool party

*all pics taken from fb, either from jiajia's or diana's album* nah this was one event on 21.02.09, where its a maquerade party for the supposedly surprise party for minako sensei but turned into bjfa-ubd excomm party... i didnt bring any cameras arnd these days.. so got pics from the others instead.. so enjoy the pics~

this is me posing arnd~ oh yea the venue was in the holiday lodge, the pool side... n did i say the food is good? lemme say it... its sooo darn good! i love the fish fillet with egg n a creamy sauce over it.... sluuuurps~ n then the rest not bad la... =D n yea.. tat very day was the first day i got sick... it was pure torture... fever whole day... n tat night i was uber quiet.... cuz sore throat.. n had a major headache due to fever...-_-

me with wei sen~ thanx for bringing me from hostel to holiday lodge n back home! XD n did i said his mask was custom made? got glass piece inside lagi.. its arnd 40bucks... where as mine... a very cheap one XD owh my hand? just cuz i wana feel if got bulu or not..XD

me with combat n his gas mask~ haaah he seemed suffocated behind that mask! but its cool n different~

my terrorist 'husband'~ XD well he did looked like a terrorist then he took off his turban n stuff... n this was a last min thing he placed the cloth arnd his head just to pose with me =D n yea during tat night he kept blabbing in arabic language which is to enhance his 'terrorist' flavor~

me n sexay irene~ *wink wink* haha she was sooo comfy on the chair... n for me... alil.. 'off' cuz dress short wa..XD n gah my fats~ -_- oh boy my baju is so glittery~

oh milove!miprincess! XD diana my scandal that i love hugging to make someone in uk jealous~ =D

me n dd with his elf ears n alluring fif=D~with bahar in the backgrnd who stripped his terrorist getup into his swimming gear~

this time dd has normal ears n as for me... i had captain hat in the backgrnd instead!

i love this pic~its just me n weisen n han n rain~ in fb... it was concluded i am actually a man just cuz my arms were big... sooooo~ i a dude dressed as a girl! 'o'

i love this pic even more! mafia family~ do we look bad ass or do we not? =D

girls grp pic~ which was er... i duno~ alil awkward~ XD could ya all spot me?

finally a pic of this which is one of my fav~ hahaha its like a corpse in the swimming pool~ ah wells... some of us got into the pool with our current baju~ sharon the first girl to masuk was pushed... dk was pushed then me.... i willinly went in... despite the fact tat im sick... i still wanted in...! before that i took panadol then i went in~ wasehhh duno y me daring eh~ XD had so much fun tat night~ thanks peeps~!

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