Saturday, February 7, 2009

gar snarl groaaaawwwl

its been awhile peeps~ as expected from a person who has started classes as usual and then no proper internet connection n also extreme laziness in blogging... well this post.. not gona be long.. just showing some pics...

*grumbles grumbles* tho its cny but its not really a happy occasion for most ppl because it kept raining... sigh even the lions couldnt come out n dance arnd much! the lion above represent my facial expression.. specially in ang paos! reduced drastically! booooooo!

gaaaaaawr!! *head on attack*! haaah the pic blur.. cuz i tink i was blur too! XD i didnt know the lion kept coming near me! mcam wana hit me... im not even wearing red n its not even a bull! -_--""

ah wells.. it has it playful side~ XD the mandarin orange rolled out n it used it leg to roll it over~ hehee quite amusing because its like the lion is playing with the food before it indulge in it =p

me, fish, rachel, alicia, our seniors, zee kuen n her family! =D gaaah first time going out pai nien with frens by our own~haha its sooo nice n we got to gamble too! it could be addictive XD

woooww its like indirect gathering for us... sas peeps~ ehehhee a nice sight to see for us =D

posing more~ cuz its rare to suddenly seee ur own seniors n get to talk to them ya know!

this was on the fourth day of cny.. n we went down to miri where it was the day the road to miri was blocked but was fixed temporarily~ tat night was disappointing because we didnt get to dance n stuff... no ppl dancing.. a very sad night... n we dressed up loor.. hahaha i would only post one pic here.. cuz i was being a lil sexy XD

the next day in miri n visited the new parkson.. n wooooow such change! sooo good! hahhaa nice to walk arnd =D

on sunday went to sharon's place for cny n played mahjong.. nice lor ~ when next time play agn!? =D ah wells... for that first week of cny.. i attended one day class sja.. steady no? =D but suffered after tat... slack sooo much tat i became a very blur person.. sigh... *wake up leong wake up!!! slaps oneself* gaaaaaaaaar!

just posting a random pic here of my sis abusing my cow! but sumhow my cow liked it -_-

hmm i havent been taking pics recently... just cuz im really lazy to do anything... =/ n yeaa... wats the happening happened? *buruk english but who cares* hmm on wed afternoon... went for bjfa n got a cosplay talk... gaah i wana cosplay but really TIGHT budget... ah wells im just gona do my style of harajuku la.... just mix n match of my own wadrobe~ =D cant wait to experiment! then... we surprised rain for his bday! yaaaay! we all enjoyed it...

then on thursday evening went to clt with jia jia n irene to witness kendo... hmm had fun then razan picked me sc n linna over to her nini place to eat... then she sent us back.. at least i got to see her before she left for uk~ thanx razan for the ride! =D then on fri morning me n shan were NOT SUPPOSED to wake up early! just cuz outside was toooo noisy cuz it was cleaning campaign day~ n ended up waking up to sign in n out.... grrrr n we slept back.. woke up arnd 11.30.. went for lunch n watch victoria secret videos n then went for bjfa nihon ryori... another fun event =D n its combat -kun bday! then confirmed abt the japan trip! yaaay!

okay.. lemme summarise my upcoming events la har... guess its confirmed? ok... on 21st feb..a bjfa-ubd masquerade party in conjunction of celebrating minako sensei bday~ (i dun have a mask! *shrieks*) then march 11-14, bjfa-ubd pop culture week... where i would gona experiment with clothing style la... i dont think i would be cosplaying... *tight budget la* but i would try my best to dress as fancy as possible =D yaaaay~ its the time i could be 'bold' with dressing hehe... then err 2nd april.. a pre departure meeting with helen, representative from glasgow abt our twinning programme over to uk... n then JAPAN TRIP!! 15-21 june! =))) the date is confirmed! but not sure abt the cost or the deposit o what la.. hehehe~wat other events? hmm i just wana get myself busy la with functions this sem.. cuz after this.. i might get stuck in UK for 2 whole years, not returning to brunei.. hmm~ yeayea... i know... my studies too.. i nid to get serious la.. *slap myself agn!*

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