Sunday, February 22, 2009


ive been on hiatus for soooo long... i wonder if this is the longest? im not sure... well.. lets just say ive lost my will in blogging in a way la...and also i haven been photographing... somehow i missed it... hmmm n now im just blogging agn... n seems like i have forgotten how it is~ XD ah wells this is an update for v-day la =) the other events i had.. well.. just wait for it! =D enjoy~

i got him this~ got same one for me~ ordered this couple hoodie from ~ good service! but then ah am scared its a lil too small for him..cuz mine was fitting..XD haha tho its delayed n stuff but got interact through emailing~ but syg they plan to close it down to continue studies in miri~ well wish ya all the best!

on a v day , i just had to mess myself up! XD sounds wrong but ah wells.. in hash... things always sounds wrong XD haha nola... sometimes sja... well this v-day hash run by KBH4 was nice la... good for those singles n also couples to celebrate together... plus cheap lagi! XD pay 5 bucks n u can skip the run then u have good food n good sound system for the music n us to dance~ =D

ah wells.. the trail... towards the end it was messy... cuz we were actually walking thru mud.. n its a soft grnd! thus legs sinked into the mud til just below my undies~ *pheeew* n its good practice for the legs XD n one auntie actually fell backwards on the mud n she couldnt get up..n luckily my dad was behind her n dragged her up la... gah... then i went across a 'freshley brewed teh tarik' water path then to 'kopi o' then to 'choc mud cake' texture mud XD gah~ but in the end, got out la in one piece!! XD

i got punished as a 'returner'.. meaning i haven been hashing for awhile.. but now i tink im over 25 runs n thus i will have an official tshirt! XD n owh look at how i look at the uncle bunny's boobs! XD he said one side was breast implant in china n the other in philippines~ XD then had the 'virgins'(new comers in hash) to drink grass jelly too~ n one of them couldnt tahan but to pour it over his head =p

then we had the best n worst dressed~ well... interesting la... nuthing much... not many dress up for it.... cuz they duno... me..? i forgot! haha then had a game la... during the hash, they placed some hearts along the way... if u find it.. got goodies la... dad found one.. the gift was earrings n err...i forgot! wassit condom? ?_? hmm then had our dinner~ nice food! i really enjoyed it! XD then rest n warmed up n danced! after tat... we balik la...

hmm there u go! a short post frm me =)

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