Tuesday, March 3, 2009


a long update ahead with of course pics~ hmm~ im not in the mood with words.. only alil bit la =p ah wells.. the following were random pics on random days~ =p enjoy~

err riku? wat are u doing on the floor with ur 'paws' up? @_@

see see its me! i was really doing my hw in clt foyer! =p

lim han with his talk of his japan trip which lasted for... 2.5hrs?? @_@ u sure know how to talk~ XD 14days of trip yo! =.=

went to the beach with the cosplayers~ n err wats with all the err hands?

emo minato with a glimpse of neko in one corner? hmm shud have include more of neko's face then it wud really look emo-ish pic~ =D

haha sharon~ i love her hair colour in the sun~ =)

neko posing! so very eseh 'yao ying' look~

ooops~ i said too soon~ XD hmm anybody willing to give him a hand ? =p

hahhaa vaining arnd am i? XD hey~ i deserve to get my pic taken too ya know XD

there's something abt this pic..haha the lighting on both sides kali~ hehe n syg behind vince is not a girl looking behind him~ XD it was his 'papa' =/ ah wells~

me n fen fishing~ haha n jahat la ppl in fb said we looked like bananas.. just cuz its yellow baju... COLOUR-IST! XD (suppose to be racist..but hmm invented a new word -_-)

*grabs the other banana* XXXXDDDD hehe we were actually trying to do the titanic pose..but somehow.. turned out wrong~ =/

coolio diana~ =) seemed like a branch just grew from her head =D

effortless posing lil sharon =D

ok.. lets dayaaance~ first diana leads n jacky follows..then the rest of the cosplayers noticed n then they followed~ =D cute!

ok.. everyone's against u, maid nana... they made fun n laughed at u.. n then trying to assault u! ksian! hush hush eviiil ppl~

let us run towards the sunset! wahahahahaha~ err... neko n maid nana.. try to make an effort to run?

so romantic playing tennis at the beach @_@

night time n after the beach we went to mcD to have dinner n jln jln arnd in mall then to holiday lodge to survey for the place for mthe masquerade party.. hmm.. this pic... the red couple n the yellow couple! =p

holiday lodge~ pretty n cosy lil place =)

this was err... gah ce-po-le~ wats with ur er...look? haha sol ah sol.. y u looking at oz with tat face of urs? =D a sense of longing? wheee

battle of the blazer? XD vince or pao? haha vince seemed gay n pao's.. too small for him! haha of course la... it's not theirs even.. it was diana's~

hmm the boss here owedi n he looked err... mafia-ish as usual~ haha

it was on a wednesday n me, jac, riku n yi yii followed vince's car... to where? it was to embassy of japan's place~

for this occasion!=D its my first time attending this n to ambassador's house.. ~hehe syok laa

*gasp* i see this in real life from afar~ XD

errm... ai len? WAT? haha i was taking pics of ppl giving speeches n u tink i was taking ur pic? XD

the yummy sugar cracker =D

what u looking at ojisan?

it was making origami time n we made a jumping frog~ =D cute~ n the lady teaching us is also cute =)

han being cutesey cute doing origami XD

n he switched to his serious mode... the female kendokas giving demo on kendo.. its female since its a girls' festival~

the readymade origami of the emperor n empress with riku in baju kurung! never seen her much in baju krg~ =D preeetty!

the food was soooo yummy! specially the rice with lotsa goodies such as unagi, tamago, prawn n other stuff, had sushis, fruits, fruit pallettes, desserts, fried veggies, n owwh the two types of green teas were good! one with n one without milk~ n oh!!!! their taufu fa...was soooo good tat i loved it! but theirs can add in sago la... =D yummy~ n i was really full.. forgot i had lunch with chee shan n irn in countrypatch cafe...which we rated moderate....cuz of the price n the portion! hmm..lets go back to CZ~ =)

the 12 zodiacs~we discovered these lil cuties on each n every tables.. i mean a few on each table.. for eg.. our table, had a dragon n monkey.. another table had tiger n ox, etc.. it was adorable tat we collected all of them n took a pic of them..X-)

omg! hugging session! XD

we had our chance to pose with the dolls on display~n i myself got to pose with 3 other pretty ladies wheee~owh btw i was wearing mas's baju krg..thanx mas! =D

then a grp pic~ a very sudden one.. cuz while we were posing.. we just said.. lets have a grp pic! n u can see see some of the chairs n tables arnd... n not all are in...=/

before we left..we were like.. hey yahui n han looked like a couple due to their baju's colour coordinatioN! so here it is! n gah i simply love yahui's baju krg's kain.. its the japanese style ones...XD

*gasp* rain.. why u posing like tat...? strong legs ey? ahhaa ah wells.. as usual the expression... its so errr...rain! XD diana was being errm...offensive? XD

me making myself comfy on the floor n looking at the guys n sumire doing soran bushi~haha the last time i did it... wawawa~ forgotten!

'nuuu nnuuuu'? combat's nick name~ XD he told me himself!

arrggghhh my h-bridge's not working! btw this is not mine.. it was sol's or oz's... cant remember~ i duno wat to do with my circuit anymoreeeeee raaawr! owh btw... we EEE coursemates except chee went for lunch at millenium, next to supa save in beribi(did i get the place ryt?) n it was good... quite cheap for the portion given... XD we had a great time there.. haha

a certain someone posing...-_-"" n gave me a 'comedy' movie..! -_-" ah wells at least had fun watching with the girls in hostel.. XD so i shud give my thanx to u?

the juniors~ was just being a busybody in the room n looked arnd..ahh nostalgic~

what are u soo happy abt liang? =p hehe but me shan mas were really happy! haha my first time to jpmc to go for sauna, jacuzzi n steam vapour bath o sumthing..while sc went for gym.. aahhh~ but not good for my injured toe where a portion of the toe skin came out... when i stepped into the jacuzzi.. i felt my meat were being cooked -_- but still fun fun fun! i still want it next time~ haha guess this sem been quite active in 'outside' hostel activities yippie! enjoy life to the fullest!

on a friday.. after going for shahbandar... hmm my second time in a row... n im addicted to it~ same goes to oz! haha... first time was the previous friday... only me, liang, oz n sc... n this week.... 9 ppl! wheeee~ the improvement is.... no bee stings this time n no go ripas! =D but this time.. we took longer duration la.. cuz more ppl wa..=) nevertheless.. a fun experience... plan to go further...ryt oz? *wink wink*

after shower n breakfst... me shan n sc went to mall n shop shop shop! wooow first time i buy so many lor... 2dresses n one shorts... shan pair of heels n a blouse n sc nail polish n earrings... not bad ey our 'income'~ -_- wallet very the light owedi... gaaah~ *slaps myself* darn the temptations! hehe

now... mid sem break.. n im over relaxing... as usual.. but stressed! stress of the baju to confirm to wear for the bjfa-ubd pop culture week.. stress of how to do proper makeup XD...stress to still choosing where to go after this sem... stress of why i cant seem to start my reports... n also starting to revise for tests when sem starts again... stress of why its 'late'~ stress of why im making myself feel so stressed out~ yadda yadadadada~

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