Friday, March 27, 2009

white water rafting in kiulu~

finally back home n finally got hold of the really expensive pics taken by the ppl doing business there~ but quality wise... 'EEEEER'.... ah wells.. nvmla.. once in a while...-_- hehe here are some pics of my n my parents n sis with some hashers to kk by speedboat.. noo noo ferrie? no noo~ ah wells.. basically a mini ship XD frm muara port to labuan then another boat to kk~

so on friday reach kk n overnyt at akinabalu youth hostel then the next day we went to kiulu by bus n had so much fun~ the rafting only takes arnd 1.5hr.. n we didnt paddle all the way la.. many times we rest n play with water then had body rafting! basically its just u go baring in the middle of the river n let the river drift u down a few meters la... then u hafta swim back onshore.. which i failed... i shouted.. i cant swiiim~ n they gave me the safety rope~ haha but its sooo fun! its not scary! except some huge rock bumped onto one side of my arse~ hehehe

then after rafting... we had our lunch which was yummy! n then balik n stay at another hotel n jln jln.. hmm explain the rest later with pics (hopefully) cuz im really tired atm~ haha... yeaba.. i know my blog boring owedi.. no frequent updates anymore~ XD hehe thus short updates sja...~ hehe enjoy~

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