Saturday, January 24, 2009

outing with family~

wheee~ i love my family though of those lil itsy bitsy arguments but yea... still syg them~ hehe posting a lil sumthing with my family sja atm~=)

it was on 14.01.09, after trying out sharon's outfit, my sis came over n we went for a supposedly 'economy' dinner... when suddenly.. i suggested sushi~ craving for the sushi sandwich wa..XD thanx sis... know u syg me~

it was our first time to sit in front of the moving train n i think i like it... XD its ok if ur alone or two la... more than that... a table pls! =p its really a different experience la... looking at the goodies passing by =)

able to see part of the chef's 'show' somehow... abit la... cuz lotsa things blocking the view in front of us baaa for example... sushis? =)

salmon mayo~ =) didnt wana order too much salmon cuz only us wont be fun to eat lotsa raw salmon...sooo settle for this sja n its *slurp* yummy~

owwwwh gluttony~~ a sin! XD naaaah indulge a lil is alright wa hor? =D

the new wet tissue packet...kawaaaaii~! XD duno why they hafta 'luxurised' the wet tissue but im not complaining! its really original n well~ errr.... win ur heart over? XD *talking crap*

this is salmon fire cheese? im not sure if i got the name right but.. our first time having it and sis loved it because it has this bbq sauce taste on the salmon when u bite n munch it... quite unique... for me.. it was alil normal.. but still nice la

the usual dish -unajo~ eel with rice~ that day... hmm tasted normal sja... well its eel after all! n the soup as usual... i finished it.. among my family guess its only me n my bro who know how to 'drink' the miso soup... my parents n my sis are not used to it~!

there there my sandwich!!! XD i love it~ its my current addiction... i duno why i love it so~maybe its the cheese? *yum yuuums* well after dinner n some talks... we went to jln jln at jaya hypermart then to mall~

after walking arnd n abt to go when the shops are closing, we saw this beauty came along! soo special til need carpet to roll on~ XD

while it passed me by, i didnt know why i wana take a pic of the tyre~ =p maybe mesmerised by the new tyres rolling~ o.O

us being sakai sakai n wana take pics with it... not only us taking pics la... got other ppl who were arnd at that time took pics too~ =)

hmm~ isit a beauty? im not sure... im never good with cars.. i dun even remember wat brands or series they have or what-so-ever~ i tink its an alright car? look the same... i mean.. cars in my eyes... look the same...=P

vaining with the car at the back.. but cant seem to see the car's beauty at all~ XD what to do... we more 'eyecatching' to the camera wa *puke* =p

randomness randomness~ just yay-ing arnd n fooling arnd ... our shopping that nyt... not bad! =D

this was on a tuesday, 20.01.09, my uncle picked me up from FOS arnd 5.40 to go search for the new restaurant in Gadong called Pines restaurant which serves korean n japanese food~somehow we got ourselves there 'trapped' once we got into the restaurant cuz there were no customers arnd =D the waiter n waitresses surrounded us n i exclaimed' can i run away?? CAN I RUN AWAY?' to them n all they did was to laugh -_- n ushered us to our desired seats n we chose a room for us~

the table of the room reminded me so much of mahjong table o wat XD plus got bell lagi~ i mean a button to push to ask ppl to serve us or sumthing *=D very very attentive owwwwh* hehe welll.. we were there to celebrate our uncle's bday on the 18th~ n we treat him over at this place

the side dishes~ korean style la~ uncle loooves the seaweed... n me? err none? the lotus was ok but a lil sweet n kimchi is hot... ngaaaah we all not used to korean food laa~ oh yeaa... forgot to say.. i donated my blood that very morning.. haha my second time... at last i can donate!!! wheee~ the last few times was either it was not the right moment or my blood count was low =p

so to compensate we ordered some sushis too~ =D n ordered a korean soup... its spicy n we didnt really like it... but it might be good when its really cold such as winter? keeps ur body warm.. but we wont need that in brunei =) well personally, the soup is just alright.. drinkable for my opinion.. got seafood lagi~ n the sushis? not bad.. it's more costly but it give more portion so its still the same la... hmmm its crunchy~ =D

we were asked to fill in this form for feedback~ n owwwh how truthful i was~ plus sis n uncle's comments... wahahhaa no mercy~~~ =D

aahhh this is our room btw~ cosy cosy~~ can fix the temperature of the aircon as u like lagi~ its soooo homey~ n the ppl arnd are super friendly! they were all smiles all throughout n well.. let's just say they have really good manners! XD

ahhh the beef thingy~~ hahaha our first time cooking beef like tat with soup lagi~ or its more like gravy~ hmmm not bad... but its not too good too~ soooo...verdict? if its for fun.. why not just try it out? if its in terms of eating experience.. not really la.. hmm i prefer the korean restaurant in kiulap plang... n yea... suppose to have ordered bibimbap~ but then seemed like the waitress didnt hear me well.. ah wells.. its alright la... we were full owedi~

err... the aftermath of cooking the beef on the thingy thing by our own? messy n ugly ehh~ *pls skip this pic=P*

we enjoyed looking at them removing these sorta 'steamboat' thing there~ nothing much but just being curious~ we then went over to sno food n uncle got himselves some stuff n he went back.. whereas me n sis continued jalan jalan to jaya n mall though its raining...~then walked arnd til shops close agn.. n when abt to walk oput... to our horrors... HEAVY RAIN!!! gaah luckily we both have our own umbrellas... but still no use eh.. heavy rain plus walking along the streets... kna splashed by car! *owh fudges -_-*

then when abt to go... haaa-haa-haaa~ it was already flooding badly! n the mall longkang there... wahhh scary la.. that view was very very... weird.. its like.. huh? isat water? sighh many cars took their time in going thru the rain~i was worried that i couldnt get to hostel in time... even there's flooding along the way to hostel... eyeeer~ scary la.. i didnt take much pics.. cuz hujan lebat!! n the camera would die! haha not tat serious la... but... lose mood eh taking pics just like tat...~ sis more geng... after sending me..she couldnt get back home cuz of the flood n the roads were blocked by the polices... soo she slept in her car..haha a fresh experience! =) as for me? i slept soundly... =D

on wednesday, 21.01.09, attended a briefing about scouts... it was interesting! but too bad.. guess i cant join.. cuz i have only half a year time here in ubd.. very alang alang if join the scouts.... gaah... but not bad la the talk... conducted by steven =) then after arnd 3 something... rushed to bjfa meeting n when i opened the door.. i was surprised n amazed n i duno la.... i saw ppl with 'different' wears @_@ rupa rupanya ada cosplay~ hahah i bangang la.. but it was fun la looking arnd~

then the cosplay group went to empire for photoshoot with lim han as the photographer.. im just the busybody girl who...well... take pictures! so yea... will update abt this in another different post~ i had soo much fun that day! =) thanx yeaa? i look foward to the next outing!

on thursday, 22.01.09, after classes, my mom bringing my grandparents up to bandar to jln jln... so went to giant n walked arnd to show them n also waited for my sis then suddenly... RAIN HEAVILY AGAIN!!!! -_- stayed indoors sja... sighh... then walk here n there la... very very tiring that i changed into my mom's sport shoes... she brought it up wa... soo lucky! hehe then we were at first emporium in the evening, close to night time when suddenly no electricity! i wasnt surprised o scared! i was in the clothing section when there's no light... i calmly headed for the stairs n went down to continue buy some stuffs in the partially dark place with mom XD

then we rushed to sno food to grab seafood for our cny eve's dinner~but then... wahh liaaaaaawwwww power shortage really depressing la.... the goodies we wanted were not there any moree!! they put them all into the huge freezer to prevent them from going bad... gaar~ we already were disappointed by the fact we couldnt get much cny goodies in hua ho cuz either they are limited or the perishable goods gone bad already... haiyoo wat a way to start a brand new year! -_-

haaah~ romantic or not??? first time see gadong area sooo dark n deserted!

dont mind the blur pic.. it was in a moving car n i cant miss a shot of the mall being soo pitch black!!! gahh really now.. it looked like a ghost town @_@ a temporary one! y owh y the flood this year is so overly overrated by the heavens!?!?! XD

but still there are areas with lights on! such as the arch area~ hmm other places with no lights at all.... batu bersurat! mata mata area!! gadong area!! kiulap area!! X-( scary owh?

n of course.... jame mosque is still the brightest la~ i guess we also think it would never go out of lights! haha then went to tjg bunut's hua ho.. n sooo crowded! guess most ppl did their last stop shopping there... i got myself ... dq ice cream!! gahhh yummy yummy~ then back to giant to drive my sis car with my mom n my sis drive the prado with grandparents...i had to drive sooo slowly...simply... left a lil fuel! so risky! *shrugs* but we made it home la... i was left exhausted XD

n on friday, 23.01.09, woke up a lil late n had lunch with family n went to pay bills n queue at differnt banks.... i went to hash... n gah... tiring la.... n there goes my day~ just like that... n i haven start doing any assignments laaaa =.= sigh cny mood is settin in n im lazy~ bleeeh! gah its late n i nid to sleep noow


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