Sunday, January 11, 2009

success is what i want

When you start 'living', things would look easy as it seems, with a 'wide' path to roam about and gather experiences. There would even be trials in life like a simple 'trip over your leg' where you would gather further experiences and learn from them to be stronger. As life goes on, you try to find the purpose of your own life and when you are able to, you would pursue in that direction, narrowing the choices you have in life and setting your priorities in life towards that direction~ That is when you feel like you have achieved something very important and meaningful, that being alive is such a blessing! But what life is what it is, it is never a smooth sailing route. There would be obstacles ahead, even harsher trials than the earlier path, just to test your strength, your spirit, your endurance, your faith, your sanity and everything else, that would question yourself even more. It is then you relearn about your own existance, trying to get back on your own feet, figuring your importance in this harsh world and many others. When all these major problems are solved, you could pass through, you will then reap what you sow. This is what success is all about. =)

WASEHHH... soo totally not me ehhh... hahaa this post is just... 'refreshing' to myself(kinda 'cheesey' in a way too!XD)! the picture above taken just outside my place... photoshopped it.. so its more of a graphic/picture than a photograph...the wordings..? full spelling lagi and warna warni wordings lagi(cuz i know pangjang cerita like tat.. tend to bore ppl out =P)!! btw... those so-called-almost-there-words-of-wisdom written above is just based on the picture above... im just telling you ppl what i see from that pic...hmm i duno if u guys like to see what i have here and dont have to agree on what i just typed but ppl think differently from each other.. so yeaaa

*psst* the pic.. the beginning of the story somewhat resembles me in a way... but i really do hope i could go through everything and move towards the 'ending'~ sighhhh OK!! im sooo ready for sem4! i have to!! i want success! XD*

-i just had my hair cut.. hung out with rachel a. and m. and lysa~ update bt it soon.. now packing things to balik hostel =p-

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