Sunday, January 4, 2009


i was in rachel's car and while waiting, i just take some random pictures... in that morning.. i was still in bed when rachel called me! i set my alarm at 8 but i continued sleeping until she called me arnd 9am... gah... i rushed la since she was in seria mee stall to tapau noodles for her siblings...then she came over to pick me up then to her place to send the food..

then when she came out.. she was like.. eh ada hornbills! i was like...WHERE?? haha this shot.. me malas to get out frm the car, explaining the 'reflections' somehow.. n cute la..this shot.. mcam the hornbill sakai about the astro 'wok' XD

then rachel persuaded me to come out frm the car and take a better pic =) this is my first close encounter with them =D n in the pic.. actually there were 2 hornbills... one behind the 'wok' and the one in the pic.. was oggling on another hornbill on a nearby tree =P

then it flew to meet the other hornbill,'hey..can i know r name?' XD ok i know....*lame* =D then when i was nearer to them, they flew away! =( n my camera slow la.. cuz it was in auto... grrr... i forgot to change the speed...~

otw out from her house! wasehhh sooo happy ehh~ early morning...refreshing~ lama i dont wake up this early!

otw to kb.. i sakai the water tower or some other gelaran.... the new paint on them are soooo refreshing!! i was captivated by it =D

upon reaching was raining *bummer* ah not surprised since it has been raining for the past few days n even weeks! we wanted to go to the plaza sutera biru(at first i tot psb is 'putera' sutera....then i realised it was not right~ =P n now i remember the name well =D) but was warned by lysa that the parking arnd might not be meant for us.. so rachel parked in kb town, near jee juan area la.. then when we went down.. i saw JULIAN!!! he is back from US!! haha told him he gained weight*ketara kaliah* n his voice alil different.. hehe glad to see him..talked briefly then me n rachel walked a distance to sutera biru.. we had our breakfast at the '11degrees' cafe since rachel never try this new place...

btw this place is just next to the riviera hotel... few people didnt know of this cafe's existance maybe because of its location.. very 'hidden'~ good also la.. not exposed =)

we were waiting outside for lysa to arrive... because we thought she would be reaching soon... rupanya was finding parking...

what did i see of all places!!! 'A' =D hehehe n owh... it was drizzling lightly... then lysa asked us to wait inside for her first..

n after we ordered our drinks n had a few bites of the crackers(fried wanton skin without isi with some perisa), lysa arrived! n we ordered our food n chit chat~ owh btw...nah lys... ur favourite 'poser' behind u! XD we were alil distracted with this dude while we chat...because he wouldnt stand properly! he would stand in a 'slanting' direction..mcam.. posing! =p but he meant no harm.. just alil distracting...

snap shots of us having a good time and us eating~ haha my expression..dunola.. cuz rachel seemed like she wana 'gunting' me =p and her pic was...she eating her favourite egg tart! =) n lys...ehehehe busy makan~ =)

i really do recommend their dim sum here...because it is really good...! it should be halal!! SHOULD BE! cuz for the filling.. its like either chicken or beef la... n good also because of the price! its really cheap!! for me... cheaper and more delicious than the ones we had in bandar previously.... like siew mai->$1.50 only! siew long bao->$2 only(though not the 'aunthentic' ones... cuz the filling doesnt have 'gravy'... luckily it was its ok =)), i liked their la mee previously i ate there-> $6 and this time.. it was not that good for me cuz the noodle was still alil..hard...n we didnt finish it =/, the fried carrot cake..not bad...normal... i forgot the pricing... but the dim sum pricing here is really worth it la... got 1.50, 1.80, 2.00, 2.50~

this was our very first time consuming this! for me n rachel la... lysa recommended this because she had this previously... its chu cang fen(mandarin)/ che cheong fun(cantonese, basically glutinous flour and stuffs.. it is lke kuew tiaw.. buut more delicate and smooth...(direct translation from the chinese word itself? pork intestine flour..something like that la..) BUT normally people these days call them cheong fun sja... ah wells.. normally it has fillings inside such as shrimp or char siew(pork..or can be replaced by chicken, for those halal restaurants la).. when im back in my hometown in seremban, i love to have them served with no fillings =) dip it with sweet sauce and some sambal... owhhh heavenly =D

haha sorry for my long-winded intro of cheong fun... cuz its my favourite wa XD anyways... what's special with this... is its fillings are cakoi! something new... lys n rachel love it... because its crunchy inside ad when mixed with sauce..just right... but for me.. i just like the creativity.. but i didnt really like the combination la... because there is no fun enjoying the cheong fun anymore... rather u eat the cakoi alone with kaya or porridge.. nicer XD but nice try la..=)

we were busy eating n tried to finish them... but cannot!! left the crackers, fried carrot cake n the la mee unfinished... then they cleared the table(good service!!) thus we were able to continue chatting (goodness...i dont really remember what we chatted abt..but it was good =D).. after spending some time... we left..each paying 9 bucks... n it was drizzling...gah got our bajus alil wet... then we went to survey arnd some hair saloons n went to face shop...

got ourselves things... gah didnt know bout the sale! 20% off... n now its over already...=/ n the sales ladies were very friendly with us.. we joked arnd.. haha then went to body shop.. looked arnd.. didnt get anythin.. this time.. it rained heavier! we couldnt walk arnd the zebra crossing anymore.. so went to LL's collection to sit down n had a drink

a place for us to sit n chat agn~ ordered drinks... mine apricot frappe, lysa's mango frappe(correct kan?) n rachel with her something aloe vera(XD forgive me! cant remember the name.. i know the colour's green la..=P) btw to those who dont know abt this place... its like selling crystals, scented candles n stuffs... n part of it... sells sweets n drinks n ice cream~ its rare for ppl who would wana sit n relax there..they would rather go marilyn..but we were stucked along that street... so no choice XD but not bad la... my first time having a drink there =p different but nice...what to do.. ada nice company! XD

rachel's drink came the earliest! n wat? u wana attack me with tat spoon of urs? =p

other from chatting, the usual picture taking thing...thanks to the lady who helped us take our pic~ =) n then i realised... i didnt set my camera back to original setting..=( thus... very 'kasar'.. high contrast wa..not nice..X(

dropped two drops of my drink.. haha add the cover thing(i never knew what's its called) n it smiled back at me! XD then lucky us.. after our drinks.. outside was drizzling very lightly... then time to go banks! hehe n owh met erma in the IBB bank... n earlier on i went to standard chartered... n we were on the way to takaful to settle lysa's business and rachel to baiduri bank to settle hers.. hahhaa hanging out in banks..not bad eh.. specially takaful.. =D

n we went to riviera hotel for the washroom~ gah the day was quite dull... was not bad la. not hot =)

in the elevator of riviera... hehe then lsa had to go somewhere... n rachel sent me back... arnd 4.30... rachel asked me whether im interested to attend this meeting abt the newsletter thingy...i agreed to go..maybe mainly i havent see bishop for a very loong time! and just wana see see look look arnd~ and i got rachel with me! =) showered n waited for rachel to pick me to mao's place where we followed albert's transport to bandar...

it was raining heavily when we were at the highway to bandar... until the car skidded mildly for a few times...then upon arriving the church... n into the parish office... there bishop!! we hugged n gaaah... soo good to see him =) n saw hiong there too~ n i was in a daze la.. duno y.. haha its been awhile i havent see bishop i guess~ then got makan makan... yummy! then i thought it was a meeting.. but it's actually an introduction abt how communication is like and how it is spread through the media, web n etc etc... it was interesting and funny! thanx bishop~ and owh before that.. we had to intro ourselves... i was like... bowh.. how ah? I intro myself from seria sjala.. not 'seria parish' XD n that im UBD undergraduate... then... after the talk... they then discuss on how they could work things out~ well i couldnt elaborate more because i myself am blur abt this activity... i was there because i was just a busybody =p

after the talks... we rushed to the toilet~ n when i was abt to leave..bishop wanted to like shake my hands...n i didnt! i felt soo bad! haha cuz i didn want to give the impression that im leaving at that moment waaa! wanted to talk to him after i go to the toilet! =/ sorry~ n when i wanted to go to the toilet... got ppl earlier than me! XD

hehe me stalk rachel~ =D

me n bishop~ nah! at last i meet u~ after like 3 to 4 years time.. the last time i saw u was..your ordination(if not mistaken)! so happy bishop still remembers me... thanks!!

haha happy-go-lucky? we were actually waiting for all of us to go toilet n leave after that... n after getting ore n more ppl gather in this very room...

then someone carried a cake inside the room (sorry ah... i couldnt remember most names... im bad with names.... meeting ppl for the FIRST time...) n they said it was albert's bday(according to us... he is known as albert the first! since there is two albert's'~ XD albert the second is our driver for the night!)

look at his surprised face or more like shy face =)he kept placing his hand on his forehead~ n we the one hyper abt it.. we sang a bday song...then he blew the candles n cut the cake~

after the 'ceremony', look who's 'glazing' at the cake? XD fr robert was talking to albert the first and fr arin... focusing on the cake? =)

then we had our cakes n mango juice n enjoyed the company and atmosphere~ we were all relaxing n had a good time la~

a big thanx to the bday boy himself who served us all slices of that yummy cake! its very nice... from mom's bakery... hehe it was my first time knowing him and its a pleasure! =D wish birthday boy... a good job with a 'handsome' salary and a happy life~(gah me alil teruk in greetings! XD)

XD bishop soo cute when eating the cake!!! hahha *peace* =)

after our late snack... we were given a mini tour arnd..nah main point was to show the library..... but we were shown where fr arin's office was..haha a plus! so basically..we were just ke-poh-ing arnd...

time to go!! who was it to point out abt the sky was red o something.. so took a pic of it randomly sja....

last but not least... a grp pic of us girls before we leave for seria~ during the ride... we talked aloot like smsa n stuff.. hahhaa to a point that we were 'open' abt certain topics... haha funny la... rachel took a nap because she was sleepy from her medicne! good la... let her rest before driving back to her place~ n when back to mao's place...i was sooo excited to see mao's dog, snoopy!! cuteee!!! sausage dog~ hahhaa very very active... =) tat dog would definitely make my day =P then reached home arnd midnight... gahh very tired!! but was still online til early morning! =)

then slept til late noon =P n my day today?? basically just online n at home... still feeling tired... n owh just now..played psp(bro recently bought it) played patapon....the game... at first i thought it was....okok sja...rupanya.... quite addictive!! played til low batt! =( then online balik agn n now updating blog.. over here rainin non stop la...... sighhh~ been quite cold at night for a period of time liaw...=/ hmmm guess nid to sleep now... rest well for later to make trail for hash...=p

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