Friday, January 9, 2009

my bro's 'sang yat'

aahhh one of my fav.. agn im telling.. hahhaa just dont be put off by the looks? hehe this is min fen char gor(direct translation-> kuih tepung.. ) tats wat i call it.. but back in seremban they would call it 'tit pan min'~well both same la the name... its just made of egg, plain flour n oil... let it stay..then by hand mold them into a circular or any irregular shape as shown in above.. but have to be thin as much as possible.. but mine.. it was a bit thick... cuz baru take out from fridge.. difficult la abit to make it thinner.. then put them into a boiling pot of water and when it floats up.. put them into a bowl of cool water to cool them down... then soup base? stir fry abit of ikan bilis.. then ask water n ikan bilis paste, add sayur and the 'handmade noodle' n wait til it boil... n voilaaaa~ =)

best eaten with chopped chilli and soy sauce... hehee best thing everr~~~ *slurps*

since its my bro bday(8th jan) mom prepared some hard boiled eggs with red dye outside... hmm due to chinese traditions la... luck i guess... =p

then agn by tradition.. we hafta take the egg n knock on the bday boy/girl's head...for luck agn i guess? hehee i did it.. then when otw back to my place to sit.. i knocked my head on the wooden cupboard...*ouch!* haaa so fast...karma... -_- but mom knocked on both bro n dad's(just for fun) head... n she's okay =(

a cake from mum's bakery... after dad's work... terus we went to kb to get a cake for him... there's no other better bakery shop arnd wa... otherwise i wont go mum's to get a cake.. ah wells.. this seemed interesting.. it consisted of choc sponge cake with layers of orange and choc mousse and covered with a layer of choc(which was really sweet..=/) the choc mousse was good but orange mousse..disappointed that it didnt have enough orange taste..gaah

me n mom lookking at the lit candles.. hahha sakai we all.. lama no eat cake XD

leong's family~ sis wasnt here.. she was at bandar...~ then we sang a bday song to koko~ happy bday to u ko!!! =)

im soooo happy loor but i had noo idea y i was soo hyper.. hahaha n bro?? eeeer *speechless* he getting older waa XD

father n son~ eerr ko.. u no nid to 'clean' the plastic knife til like tat @_@ hehe

my parents.. hahaha... cut the cake n digged in! it was overall okla the cake.. just tat the topping is alil too sweet... n the cake sure is softtt... when mom tried to cut it and pulled it out.. it got messy.. =p ah wells....still its not bad la the cake..=)

and owwwwwwh i knew my results already!!! wheeeee an overall of B+ HAPPY!!!!!! hahahaa... i expected a lil low... but this is so good... n not only tat... liang got A for JAVA!!! u soooo need to lanja us dude! hahaha n overall of A lagi!! good or not?? GOOD OR NOT???? *envious* hehehe make me wana work harder for this upcoming sem la @_@ baaa...let us work hard EEE peeps!!!let us aim for grade A! XD n also congrats to our juniors! not bad ehh~ =) keep it up! XD

hmmm n i love looking thru online shop blogs or something... n look at the bajus... n i saw this... u can see it in i like it owh..specially the purple one=D

Cotton Thread + Fiber Hooded Dress Top
Color: Grey / Apricot / Purple / Black
Measurement: chest:80-84CM length:78CM sleeve:58CM
Price: B$26.90

anyone care to get me one? XD *muka tembok*

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