Thursday, January 8, 2009

playing arnd with PS

ps...photoshop la! haaa... i was being very 'jobless'..(as if im not during the other days!) n i was very very rajin that i dont know which wind from where 'blew' me over to search how to photoshop... haha i played arnd n the following are the results... hmm~ i dunola... mcam okok sja... first time using it wa... so dont complain if its not nice! XD n i guess i like varieties! =D enjoy!

me n rachel in quirky colours? errr i cant remember what i did for this.. just playing arnd sja~

wasehhh ini! hahha picked this cuz i liked the clouds that day n got the tree leaves as deco lagi! XD n no there are not couples laaa.. just resco 07/08 peeps! they were posing while we were busy looking at those ubd orientation ppl having fun finishing their games =p

this was where i went for hash just now! its just a random shot that i wana try out for photoshop-ping thingie~ tats why theres nuthin special abt this pic... lifeless in a way~ =/

this was also when i went for hash... the majestic tall tree that is really indeed..'majestic' =D i guess cant note any special enhancements in this pic... hmmm syg the clouds werent too impactful... another lifeless pic in a way... experimental failure? =/

surely u all recognise who is this man ahh~ =) i just blurred the backgrnd n add noise~ haha cuz got a lady in the backgrnd..kacau kacau waa X-)

lastly but not least... its me!! haha wearing alicia's black boots that time in her place... i just errr...edit the background..then me i add more contrast la.... haha nothing much... there's sooooo many function in PS.... but seela.. for a lazy person like me... i dun think i wud be learning much about it n dun think i will edit my pics.... i wud only resize them using paint sja =)

i still love you, 'Paint'!! =D

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