Sunday, January 18, 2009

the Ex-Com Committee 'gathering'

14.01.09... on a wed afternoon arnd 3 something... got jia jia to msg me abt this 'gathering' where it was supposed to be a gathering for committee members sja n there i was... haha i ke-poh wa... its okla... unless they wana halau me away =O hat to do.. i wanted to be active as much i wanted to be in bjfa this sem as it would be my last sem in ubd!! -_- hmm~ started with lim han barging into the room as usual n well... they already chose the members to each respective post... n i, the usual, if ppl dont ask me to take pics, i would still be around and take pics..hehe n now.. im under jia jia...helping her out la..~

jia jia with her fav trademark n erm.. guess its not only her... there's like diana(gasp! did i get you name right?) n rain with that sticking out tongue look~ WHO WINS?hmmm =D

while taking pics during their selection of 'slaves', i got candids, shy peeps who shied away from cameras, ppl who is willing to pose in front of my cam!, and err... the attendance list? =p

during the selection~it was scary~ it was like the people were treated really like slaves! XD look at all those guilty ppl who keeps pointing at other ppl!! XD but not all was that scary.. they think think properly lagi~ hehe analyzing skills put to use! =p

waseeeh so sweeetoo~ feeding each other with the same donut~ ahh not jelous la... ai len fed me one bite too! =D sharing food is happiness! XD

they were hanging arnd waiting for the future official president of bjfa-ubd chapter's president, wei sen to announce some matters to them~

the shoes community~ =D got pretty, cute, cool, etc shoe personalities until....

@_@ let u all guess whose feet is this being exposed~ XD hehee a stolen shot~

ah enough of the feet or shoes business.... let's dance!!!

energetic ppl dancing very energetic dance that i dont think i could dance~ its tooooo fast n cutesey cute for my taste!! EEEEEEEEEE *runs away* hahaha not that i dont like... just that... i dont have enough of that 'energy'~ hahaha~ spent time there lookin at them dancing n han showed short movie clips of ip man~ i wana watch~ *sobs sobs* ah wells.. then balik to sharon's room to see her baju.. n the pics have been updated earlier on... the ones we were trying on the black dress? =D hehe after that.. i went out with my sis for the night! post! XD

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Hiro said...

Oh m goodness.dear. Why is my picture so random in the dance? hahhaha. Eh very nice u edit the pics. Love the pic with me, Jia n Rain sticking out our tongues. Never knew we were doing that for fun.Laughs!