Thursday, December 25, 2008

azlina's bday party~

in the morning arnd... 11something felicia picked me up to alicia place and went for a light lunch in mee stall... had abc and rojak~ then we went shopping arnd seria plaza then off to alicia place to watch saw V....more talking this time.. but.. i havent even watch part 3 n was alil blur but not as bad as felicia.. she hasnt see from part 1 even... ah wells.. didnt finish the movie cuz i had to head back home to wait for kenny and jacinta to picke me up to bandar to attend azlina's bday party~

slept along the way... n reached terrace hotel, situated just next to sheraton utama and the gerai next to royal regalia~ terus we went to the poolside n saw azlina's mummy setting up stuffs~

told azlina and the gang in the room.. thus we went to cari them! n boy the elevator is scary~ old models kali... hehehe the buttons were kinda cute but the 'ride' was bumpy! X/

just in time to see stylist sharon fixing bday girl's hair~ ahem~~~ of course kna pampered! it was her day after all.. n the room... filled with bags and only to know... they were all going to overnight! i didnt know it at all!!!!! then i was suppose to go back home following kenny's transport...long story short...his friend n him left me behind..thus i had to stay! with no change of clothe..-_- lucky not tat bauuu...ehhehe

helen and azrina chatting away while letting sharon doing work XD

joya~after she played arnd with pratime and she ended up this way.. hahaha kuat merajuk wa~~ joya owh joyaa~

jacinta- slim and pretty as ever, siew chee-same old same old... we live in hostel on the same floor kaliahh~ and..kinda miss her presence...haha not long n will see her in hostel agn and pratima- wasehhh sooo ladylike liaw loor..lama no see her..n now i see her...she wore skirt! waseh... n realised she is like working as model in miri lagi..whhhheeeee sooo wana see her in the 'model-mode' XD~~

curl those curls away~ when u wana be pretty memang need like that la..n ended up...worth it! =) uh oh isat helen trying to pose in between azlina n sharon? =D

we had to go back down to the poolside as guests were starting to arrive... n the hallway so sempit eh~ alil uncomfy i guess...cuz we love to walk side by side? XD

joya playing with 'her balloons' which was later on conquered one after another by another kid named daniel~ n thus they were fighting with each other using balloons -__-

i actually had nooo idea what pose was that! hahaha kenny loves to pose weirdly XD its his personality i guess.... then his firend.. whom i forgot his name =p and jacinta...err.....pointing at something?

ta-daaah! rupanya he was talking to azlina... n there she is looking pretty with kenny being ..him! =) we kept teasing kenny when azlina wasnt arnd.. haha well wont disclose here.... but yea..involves those jealousy thingie things and conservative stuffs =p

her bday cake which they didn put in freezer! but it was soo obvious outside the package it labelled...a dq ice cream cake!!! so..not putting in freezer...resulting in a melting cake!

started the event by getting all the guests to round the table and blowing of candles and slicing the cake...(which was alil tricky since it was melting terribly)~

getting all excited.... guess joya wanted the cake eh~ but since it was melting badly... (proven when azlina tried to cut a slice of cake n eat it..but that slice of cake was 'skiing' in there XD) so it had to be put into the freezer to be eaten later~

now..she is officially married! XD hahahaa nola.. its a gift from pratima... sweet no?? =)

me and bday girl...with erm....joya trying to divert the lens' attention away from us!! nooo~ hehehhee

food was alright~~ my fav... the bread campur with curry XD heehehe the sausage i like also... and yeala.. semua pun ok~ =)

after eating and chatting arnd..we didn realise it was already night time! and yea...rachel arrived later on with her baju kurung... then she changed~ and guess siew chee missed her so... that she wanted to molest her! XD

grp pic of them hahha so good to see them together this way....rare to get them together like this...specially jacinta n rachel since they are working! took their day off just to attend this... thus rare to have them together like this!

this was the pool we swam in...there were still so many ppl arnd at that time...n we were shy thus...we waited until most the ppl went back...

the place at night seemed like a merry go round!hehe lawa laaa~

joya was alil impatient that time and wanted to drag siew chee n pratz to go swimming...but they convinced her to swim later.... and she rushed to the piano instead and started making 'artistic' piano notes =p with her partner in crime daniel..

there! caught him red handed! and he was very happy abt it..but joya cabut lari sooo fast.... she ran to the lobby then ran to the poolside -_- active owh active kids

we were in the toilet tying our hair cuz it was kinda hot at the poolside... n siew chee behind me..was splashing water into the cubicle where jas was in! she screamed n thought it was pratz~ XD

the boys trying to pose 'manly'~? did they succeed? hmm~ *speechless* XD

while we were waiting for guests to leave.. we were bored...n waited at the pool area....then they wanted to play pool... so paid 5bucks for 4 games(if im not wrong) then somehow...attracted the other guests to look and played along too! hehe..btw the place look like some sort of underground pool centre eh? XD

daniel agn who love to pose as much as joya.. n he hit my back! few times lagi! naughty boy! n i went to tickle him...seems like he is not ticklish...-_- how to bully lil kids ah?? *sinister laugh* +D

models of the night~ hmm that nyt.. ended up only jas, kenny and his friend played... me, pratz n siew chee duno how to play ba

jas with her pro look=) while they were playing.. we couldnt tahan anymore and we wanted to swim!!! not caring how many ppl were arnd..cuz it was getting late wa.. so i changed into siew chee's swimming suit(quite bare at the back which was quite sexy..haha not pics..cuz left the camera in the room =)) thanx siew chee for the swimming suit! then we went to the pool and played arnd... since i couldnt swim.. i did the frog style..which was just leaping upwards and foward..XD then i could swim towards the end! with the help of the floating balloon! held on tight n flapped my feet~ yaaaay~ n owhh... we had fruits and the oreo ice cream cake served while in the pool...very the priveleged eh~ =D we also had to babysit the two kids la... the other who knew how to swim taught joya...easy for her since she got the float thing... n i was in charge of daniel.. omigoshh.. he very the susah lor...had to be really patient with him... he kept shouting and screaming and kicking water when he sat at the side....but he wanted to get in! =p

after some time... we rushed back up n showered n relax in the room~

posing arnd just for fun~

went back down.... n had complications la with the transport n stuffs n we finalized that we going to overnight! thus msged and called parents... then took pics with azlina's mama~ she compliment pratz for her hard work n said how good she is gonna be as daughter in law XD

the late guests of the night...which was 'special'~ cuz someone likes someone~ *wink wink* well...just wait and listen to what 'perkembangan' they haveXD

i didn wana join the 'fun' thus joined sharon, azrina n helen with their online spree....~

then i went to the xmas tree at the entrance..n looked arnd... just wana walk arnd n see wa...thought the place not big... but make good use in walking arnd sja..hehehe (while im typing neighbours are like partying for xmas!can hear their..whooo! whheeee!sounds...hehehe)

the jukeboz that didnt work~ =/ classic..but i want it to work! hahaha

resting on one of the tables in the cafe... hope they didnt mind we were sitting for free..but hey... we are guests wa...=p

azrina wana squeeze helen's brain out of her!! (omigosh... while typing this.. i could hear the neighbouring girls karaoke real LOUD! screechy lagitu... ahhaha must be fun~)

then we posed n posed....seriously there was nothing we could do.. oh yea... almost wanted to follow rachel out...we were busy contacting our parents so she left... n pratz was wondering where we could go jalan jalan.... n we all were like trying to tell her there are no place to lepak in brunei at that hour where most the shops are closed!

gila-ing arnd~

then time to go to the poolside and take pics there! asked one of the guys to take our pics...thanx!

a pic before they leave then we could have azlina all to ourselves!! *muahahaha* but well not quite... cuz still got the other guests... ksian azlina wa... walking arnd n layan everyone that night... thats why her leg muscle alil cramped~

bored as usual.. so went out the hotel to look and stand arnd...we dared cuz there werent many cars arnd... we were also being sakai with the traffic light right in front of us..hehehe

to destress..they just started to jump =)

MERRY X'MAS TO EVERYONEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! there's our imaginary & virtual pressies to ya all~ hehehe tcare ya!!?

after all those...time to go back to the room n shredding pressies time!! most of them were chocolates~which kna conquered by joya XD but the most precious gift of all.....

this! a real mobile phone...something that she has wanted..and now she has it! terus ask siew chee to change the sim card n stuffs n asked jas for the functions n stuffs since jas has the same phone as her

how we slept? azrina, sharon n helen on floor, pratz,me,azlina,siew chee n jas on bed...squeezing tightly...hehe luckily got extra blanket and pillow from rachel's room... cuz ahh.. in this hotel.. everything needs money!u want one extra pillow they charge u 2bucks... sigh... the price of a room seems cheap but with the add ons n stuff... hmm not worth it~then we(sc,pratz,az,jas n me) went out for a ride with rachel being the driver...n went gerai to drink then balik hotel

the hotel sooo....scary laa... n we guessed its like a prostitution ground? cuz saw suspiscious ppl n acts and the aura didnt seem right laaa... we were feeling uneasy we crept to rachel's room...n chit chat til like 2 something n went back to our room....

while we were trying to sleep.... sc phone dropped at the side of the bed... n spent arnd 15min o 20 min to dig it out?? we were being noisy la..hehe then.... jas was so awake that she molested sc n sc tried to escape n ended up landed on azlina n my body..wahh~ gila ehh... then then... we kept laughing la... difficult to sleep! XD then finally slept..but not a prefect one..cuz always wake up once in awhile...

then not long its morning! jas showered the earliest, arnd 6something..n eversince i couldnt sleep..but just closing my eyes.. hehe n gah sc n jas another round of molesting each other! they never get tired of each other =D

feeling fresh to camwhore alil =D

n more camwhoring with the grp..

and agn~

just us~ then azlina's dad was there n asked us to pack our stuffs n bring them down...

joyaa~~feeling sad that pratz couldnt play with her i guess... we were going to the mall whereas she would go to jungle gym to play~then me n jas followed rachel's car and azlina, sc n pratz followed halim's car to mall... n we window shopped with some successful buys..=D

-to be continued-
*the next post-> hanging out with the malauz on the same day!*

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