Friday, December 5, 2008

let's break down the walls!

moved out from hostel yesterdy(thursday) following shan's dad back! A BIG THANX! n went to giant.. n got myself fried calamari which was real sucky(inda nyaman at all!first time eating it..was good...! then now... something wrong with the flour or the flavouring in the flour!! still forced myself to eat... haha duwan to waste) then the 'brown' bread mom wanted... 3 loaves of bread! shocked shan's dad a lil.. haha but it is yummy!! got grains n stuffs...hehe then went to the market place to buy some squid n prawn! yaaay! chopped meat with prawn n stuff into the squid n steam it... one of the yummiest dish i love...!

ah wells... once reached home... im officially lazy agn... haven unpacked my stuffs~ teruk owwwh~ promised my mom to unpack them today..but haha... woke up real late... btw... its sooo good to wake up late..hehe

this was wat i was playin when im semangat...hahaha its kind of addictive...wii fit! haha whole family in! syok~ =) tats me, mom, bro, sis n dad! then after that.. was trying on some clothes n see if ngam sis to use to go for no avail.... =/ gah... used my time to eat more of those yummy giant bread....with kaya n cheese! XD i prefer to use the spreadable cream cheese~ XD not long after that... felt tummy bigger @_@ hmmm *ignores*

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