Friday, December 19, 2008

pembubaran & perlantikan resco, 15.12.08

on monday... early morning drove up to bandar to attend this event... kinda rushed abit.. n i even rushed in usai-ing my tudong... very trashy...haha.. btw all these pics were taken from sharon with her one month old camera..

rushed to see the event had just started...n rushed to any seat with the 07/08 resco members... i gave a very erm... 'evil' look? me no idea.. haha gah can see alil of my side hair slipping at the side...cuz i didn use a scarf or watever u call it.. cuz it slipped off when i tried to usai in the car! i malas to ingaukan.. so... here i was.. listening to the speeches n received our certs n stuff...then time for makan makan!

me n fen~ fen wish u all the best in ur new post!! =) u can do it babe! i would support in spirit!

the food...nyaman owh..=) i picked the beef punya...not too hard la.. =P

me n my baby sis~ XD n dont i look horrible... the darn tudong kept slipping foward... had to re-usai over n over agn~

some kna 'pecat' punya resco members with some with new posts... congrats to azhar n analisa to become the next pengerusi of resco!! do well peeps~

then photo taking session~ us the resco 07/08 members with many absentees specially the guys... so the girls kinda represent the boys when they gave the 'files' to the newbies..

this was a grp pic of resco 07/08 and 08/09~ +) haha we had to sit in front cuz not enough space for us to stand... n yea.. we all terus handed our photo taking jobs terus to the newbies..haha... somehow not taking pictures that day was lil different but felt alil relax..hahha me like =)

us taking informal pics~

me n fen agn... acting cute this time =O

wherever the ppl take pics..we would kepo n take pics together... take your chances when it comes to taking pics in such events! just jump in n voila... ur pic taken! rather than sulkin at another corner n said..nobody wana take pic with u...hahhaa

me n analisa being sweet n fen....being...stalk-ish? hehe... n *gasp* analisa!!! are we doing that 'pose' agn?? the one...? remember?? we are 'connected' somewhere! XD the one wana dry humo u eh...~=D

the boys bringing their natural talent-> vain-ness!! look how pro the 07/08 resco dudes posed!! well the 08/09 still have time to improve on their of luck! XD

time to give the files!! n owh.. our biro ekonomi file wasnt there which was very weird la.. thus borrow someone's file to pass to my new successor, coincidentally, my lil sis, sharon~ haha do business well~

then there were increase of ppl joining the handling over of the files..

and even more... haha ksian the person who took pics of them.. makin nid to move backward! skali they asked those vain ppl to move back instead!! =D

n agn our pic =) i like-y this~ n after this.. went to fos... handed in shan's propeller n started changing in the car in fos car park =P then over to hostel, F5 to pass fen the obbd pics... n we chit chatted until noon...

then off i went to kiulap to search for sis n off to my venture arnd kiulap by walking arnd~ i walked from the row of building near hua ho then to the vincci area then to mamih then to seri q-lap n roamed arnd n went to the fun donuts area then to hua ho then to the rows of buildings further down... got tired n had a brief lunch at sweet deli...had portugese egg tart...not bad.. n walked further.. saw kah wee's car!! feels like he is back in bandar! but nahh..still in uk kaliahh... then then...walked til the lemongrass restaurant there... ended up didn buy anythin... even the boutiques... hmm... didn see anythin i like... guess i like simplicity~ the recent fashions are just... too making a 'statement' sort.. gah... n yea.. i wana try the countrypatch cafe n twelv some day... wawa~ =/ by the time i abis jln... it was 2 hrs plus after tat? i have no idea where time went... then off i went to hua ho tjg bunut...bought some stuffs n got back home... tired!!! XD

then on wednesday, 17.12.08, went to bandar with shan, anna n chee.... went to ubd library for shan to buang back the books she borrowed then we went to gadong area...n saw this new dim sum area...n when we got the car parked n walked over.. what we saw was...the restaurant wasnt even opened yet! gaaar! thus we went to rms diner... as usual.. i went for burger... for arnd 5 bucks only with chips n coleslaw.. shan n chee lamb chop with chips n anna chicken something with chips... n an advise.. do not eat lamb chop when u r out with someone u like... very very...untidy~ XD ermm... burger too i guess... cuz i was using my hands... not elegant eh? but who cares... he hafta accept for who i am! wahahaha...

then saw wei kee, sendy with their friends in mall food court! coincidence!! n they were up there to shop~ good for them but not us.... 2.45pm twilight..full house! ufft...went to seri q-lap to learn.. they dun have twilight there... sigh...went back to mall agn.. this time book for 5pm show... then we had dp ice cream.. i ordered the tripleberry which was very normal.. a lil regret why i didn stick to strawberry banana... hmm... n walked arnd the mall to spend time... at last....5pm!!! yaaay~ overalll the movie... not bad... but some scenes i couldn tahan but to laugh..tho edward looked serious or something... cannoooot ahh~ then the 'bollywood' style.. the cheesy parts... =p ah wells... duwan say more.. kna bombard by twilight's fans... -_- after that... off we balik home... but it was raining la.. scary alil.. haha... nywayz got back home safely =)

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