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well.. i had loootsa difficulties in trying to pick the pics i had taken during the bbq session of the OBBD peeps~ just because...most of the pics are really pretty!! just because each n everyone has their own unique personalities that made those pics so enjoyable.. thus potraying lootsa 'stories' there~ sigh... after hours in picking them n resizing them in PAINT... here there are! enjoy=) (picked arnd 60 plus pics out of 500 pics... hard work!!!)

drove to chee's place n mas was just behind me n we 3 went to berakas beach~~~ it was arnd 11 i guess? hehee n we cud vain straightaway!

looked like we were early!!! only few ppl arnd~~ there the earlybirds preparing food already~~ n owh we had to prepare 6bucks for all these... =)

got the earlybirds... surely got the early...uhm...'deceased' lambs~@_@

the early posers/girls/part time models(i think XD actually can one...just that...fen overly ganas with her leg!!! mau antam meeeeee~ eeeek~ *runs away*)

early 'swimmers' (notice the duhh~ normally ppl playing with water sja ehh~)

chee- nooo!! stop it with the early thingie thingsssss!!! if u could... if u could... take a pic of us!!! mas- hehee yeata take pic of us... we are posing already~

naaaaaah there u are! happy already? i thought so! =D n owh thank goodness there was no restrictions in wearing bajus..... haha shorts-> very cooling n convenient! but risk to kna sun tanned!

more models!! like fen says confidentally most the time,' cuz im lawa/sexy' =D definitely showing it...! work it girl! n did i ever tell that nadz is soooo 'adorable'?? hehee she n her face~~ =D ah wells... everyone is cute ehhh~ XD

not forgetting the rugby ball... wont leave it out!! considered our companion for the day too~ sweet kan me? =D

while waiting for food to cook... spent time in playing the swings...lama no play... n it was nice~ =D enjoyablllleeeeeee

'someone' passed by.... walked towards chee....'hello, can i sit on your lap?' chee burst into laughter~ then she considers.... 'alright alright'....*sits* chee,'aiyooooo soooo berat one har u??' that someone.... azrina! couldnt stop giggling too~ *sits longer* n tries to 'court' chee,' haiyo chee~ i long time no see u...miss u aloooot! how can u say like that?? ' chee *nervous laughter* XD

*pushes az off her lap!* XD nooooolaaaaaa... az tried to sit on the swing then she accidentally fell by her own...gah~ ah wells... i think i need to work in my story telling... but im not really into reading how can improve leeeh?

mas's cute flip dragonfly~ haha n her infamous 'ling ling'(referring to the anklet making punya sound which normally signal us hostellites that she is around XD) anklet~

oooOooOOO tajul serenaded to me that day!!!FORCEFULLY! wahahhaa he was singing.. n i just wanted to pose there as if he wana senerade to me ehhh~then when taking pic... he would stop singing...hahhaa couldnt concentrate when a leng lui in front of u??? XD

lets do some bollywood style posing laaa! its addictive!! XD

since the food was still not ready... decided to play swing agn..this time... synchronised swinging! we runding n we just smile n stuff~hahaa what you think??? almost in synch no? =D

merajuk!! cuz we were hungry! n food werent ready yet! (complainin inside yet we didn even help out much~ XD)

baaa...while waiting agn.... take pics of us three together.... sayang shan not hereee~ hmm~~ wish u were here with us babe~

they just arrived....n terus main swing wahahhaa good posers ahh~plus foon wore sooo smart! cuz he was in ubd earlier on... hehe... but really...we were all.. *WOOOW* hehehe

ahhh this!! the winner of the bollywood style! the hiding a tree trunk style!! *wink*

OoOOOO yummy thingie things to be bbq-ed! cheese sausages with crab sticks~

n food almost ready!!! (though it was partly burnt..but cant complain wat!! u want food or not?? no need to cook urself lagi..hahaa thanx to the ppl who bbq-ed for us~~~)

amoooooooooooooooois~~~~ time to 'mamam'!!!!!! no more loitering arnd the beach ahh~ XD

saiful arrived not too long ago before we started to eat.... n wassat blob of fire behind u ce-po-le???? ur too 'hot' u set it on fire? XD

our lunch~~ hehehe ok la~ the mee hoon n noodle yummy... brought in by dewi..thanx! n the chicken wing? it i guess... cuz it wasnt that well cooked... the insides still got alil blood n the meat alil...'fresh' haha but thanx for the food ppl~

me likey chee's baju~~ sweet owhhh~ hahaha 'just add sugar' n in front is pics of kisses! =)

after lunch.... lets go to the beach!!! wheeeeee!!! n owh fathi piggybacked fen!!! waseeehhhh sooo syok ahh??? haha BUT...saiful.. u spoiler ehh.... ur kaki there~ would be nice *sniff sniff*

chee cannot pass through!!! teeqah restricted chee to go through! but she forcefully made her way thru~ yaaay to her! thus me n mas could pass through..hahaa

taking the short cut route to the beach! me n mas passed through smoothly... chee....looks arnd... ok safe to go! =D

from far away can see them taking grp pic owediii~~ wahliuuu~so can they leave us out? *sob sob* brisked walk over.... sempat to have a pic! XD

the model of the day~ foong's shoes!!! not handsome meh? =D

n fen... big thanx agn for being overly semangat to make this gathering during the exams... hope it didn effect ur grades~ heehee n *psst* dun kna blackmail by them too much XD

the males are oh-so-vain ppl~ which we all know by now...XD

dancing to dang-dut?? hehe actually they were trying to run from the waves... n gave out girly screams specially fathi~ =D

girl fight!!!!! got violent ehh!!bertarik tarik n bercarik carik... XD n i saw some 'exposed' skin *wink wink* XD

after the fight..they still got to look as chic as they were~hmm...put this pic up as calender poster? =D

i dont know why but sam's expression was funny! the rest was giving this look.. n he the only one... stood out! he may seem shy but actually.... he is.....*naughty*??

nina - 'ITS WAR TIME!!!!!!'

nadz tryin to kill liyana by strangling her n her leg kapit-ing her to secure her whole weight was onto liyana... n thus... by gravity... *falls hard* lemme demo it thru the pics below..

fen was standing there willing to piggyback nadz..but nadz had other plans... she jumped onto fen's back!n fen falls foward!

then liyana jumped onto them! thus... squishing fen further!

the picture of victory!! =D*note- do not try this if ur not pro in jumping....XD luckily no one was injured~we believed in fen...she strong kaliah XD*

the ppl relaxing~~ eeer chee... y u glaring at az like that?? mcam u two bergaduh~

me n mas trying to be.... sexy?ah wells.. beach is one of the romantic places... so we were just 'trying out' to be sexaaay~

*psssst* nina! help me take revenge k?? me love love u loots~ saiful- hmmm?? awkward awkward...girls hugging each other...*moves away*

ahaaaaaaks!!! got liyana cornered!!!gona sand surgery u!!!!! mas newly joined them~ n attacked her further~

gaaaaah im being violated!!! keep ur hands off mee!!! *few secs later* hmmm it actually feels good... yea continue continue! feel like a princess kna pampered! =)

a cliche jump shot! how can you not take these pics over at the pics? guess its just too fun when u get crowds to jump together~

n err...tajul... ur blocking us.... taking all the 'spotlight' upon urself... nooo~~~*all stunned look*

a local modern merman!! got glasses n know how to pose n wearing pants! *ooops* hehe

candid....! uwa my hair in the air...mcam apa... n err..i had no idea why my legs were like that..imbalanced kali... abt to fall..thus..the awkward positioning of leggiessss~

i was trying to kiss chee's kidding... but she saw through me n blocked me..! shuuucks~

trying to 'fit' into the picture =) btw that day the waves were strong!! that we got our short pants wet tho we didn get into the water fully...! we just stood there.. n camwhored... n whhhhoooosh!! splashed us! wahliuu even my camera at my hand oso got a lil wet...scary ahh

it started when fathi came over n stepped my foot! wasehhh cari pasal indeed!! then the attention was all on the feet... thus... a feet pic...haha in blue jeans-fathi, with the anklet-mas, 'bangkang' toe nails-saiful, with dark brown spots- chee n lastly the dirty toe nails-me!

if u noticed closely....saiful's knee...bled alil!! played in the water n knelt...n hit the moderate rocks on the seabed... thus the injury~ seemed scary.....cuz not fully sand.. soo can get injured la... =/

there were 5...n then... they were...3?? n errr are they calling for help?? @_@ mcam struggling ehh... or they saying hi?? HI BACK!! =p (hehe in reality sometimes when they are really in trouble.. we wouldn think it would happen thus the possibility of them in trouble wouldn come into mind...thus dismissed them as being hyper n just wana wave at us~ gahh... that's how 'incidents' happen... ahh wells.. just a thought... no worries.. those ppl are very safe n healthy atm =))

a few metres away from us were these dudes....topless!! wheeeee... n one of us said... wooow man hunt!!! then i asked 'our' boys to go topless... but they nada confident!! haaah~ nvm...we cuci mata sja on those goodies...though its far away~ =D

a pic of us before leaving the place....with baz acting mysteriously behind mas... =p

eseeeeeh~~ fathi acting to show me his pics...see his overly 'acting' face there?? yeataah tau u supporter of canon laaa =P n got new lenses lagi....~ haha n nop im not intimidated by it....! =)

err ce-po-le~~ u doing titanic pose local version ah? yeaa ur girl wasnt arnd tat time la... thus ur pose not time ahh! =D

these pics are from fathi's canon~n tats me! acting..whatever-ly~ hehe

posing on the beach~~ hmm not everyone here but the bbq was considered a success!! it was fun waaa! =)

more than half of the OBBD peeps were present... what more could we want? but having fun and know each other more? =) love ya ppl~

after the event... i briefly showered while mas n chee changed baju n off we went to mall....n walked arnd...then settled down over at swensens...mas-chicken omelette with chips, chee-fish n chips, me- salmon n mushroom baked rice n shared a dessert among us-celebrity brownie... yuuuummy! =) n posed arnd with the xmas deco~ didn write any dedications there cuz no pen =( n walked arnd more n back home... =) uwaaaaa.... now time for me to sleep.... backache liaw =p

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