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OBBD(18.10-20.10) - The Action!

long last.. only now i update bout this event~ hehe but late than never i guess... semangat cuz just recently had a gathering together at the beach.. so am gona update bout the OBBD, then the dinner together and the BBQ~ so we reached the kpg ayer jetty to catch a boat over to temburong~

i love this 2 pics~ too cute~ wahhahaa chee looks at mas... n mas rolled her eyes to look at chee with that erm...'expression'~ XD

off we go to temburong~ the ride was bumpy~ but oklaa~ just that the wind overly ...arrrgh! blows our hair here n there...messy!

reached safely in temburong..n now in a bus to get to the kem batang duri for the OBBD event...!

reached there.. settled down.. listen to the briefing..we were split into 2 grps then had a light breakfast~ then we all went to our own respective grps..mas n chee in one grp n im in another grp! luckily.. i know someone in the other grp..pheww~

there a closer look on how we first settle down... i didnt know most of them... only like mas, chee, pijah, nina n some faces of the first yr hostelites~

we were in our own grps liaw... see how i sticked to pijah? hahha im not that err...used to ppl i dont know wa... u tink im those social type of butterflies that i would automatically make friends in an instant? ho-hooo~~ i need time also...XD need to build up my confidence~ hehe but they are alright ppl~ thank goodness!

our instructor...hj kassim.. n he ordered us to put all our valuables and mobile phones inside this huge bucket throughout our days here... prevent distractions n stuffs la!

me n newly met fren, mina! hehe she was very approachable wa... so somehow..i stick to her too! XD

posing with our application, ready to go for medical checkup there~ nothing much.. they just asked whether ur health is ok n stuffs...nothing biggie~ some of them thought, need to go for injection lagi~ haha n some of them did act-> holding their arms tightly and showed the 'kena injected' expression! shocked some of them! hehe not for me! i got injected liaw whheee~

errrm fathi ahh~ why make urself miserable by forcing urself to carry so many bags?? XD

n again the cliche way of taking placing the camera on the floor with flash on...but still cool doing it~!! *gasp* fathi is actually... a girl?? wheee a new girlfriend!

the photography models! the photographers must pose when they take pics too! i think... yas... has the most stylish pose there =)

oooppps~ take back my word... this one lagitaaaaa eye catching!!!!!! wheeeee *hands down* a photographer handling many cameras kaliaaaah~ so pro! n erm.. wassat on the bottom right corner? patung apa tu?? XD

then then grp pics of the two grps~ realised we are all vain ppl who couldnt get enough of the camera~ hehe

time for us to walk arnd n get introduced to the new environment arnd us~ not bad not bad~ we got familiar to the place real quick!

then time for lunch..which was not long after our late breakfast..but ah wells.. we still eat laa.. the plate was..erm... big? i feel like a regular plate was just ok wa...this one? big n wasting space a lil~ but food not bad =) n time to gear up! wearing helmets and life jackets just to cross the bridge(in case the bridge breaks n we fall into the river.. we could still float with the life jackets on) n we had whistles on the jacket too! to whistle before and after crossing the bridge.. only allowed 5 person to cross it at one time.. then over we go.. to listen to health and safety talks 'DR ABC', how to wrap wounds and what u should do in an emergency~

we even have tryouts on how to wrap properly~~ and they check on us~ hahaa lawa kaaan?

this...erm... over wrapping! haha he did look very sick in this pic! but one of my fav pic in OBBD! hahaha his expression was priceless! hmm or maybe his mates wrapped him til he could hardly breathe!

oohh the trust game or something... guess everything should know about this! just stand n fall! seems easy...but when u get to try it yourself.. alil nerve wrecking..but its alright la... =D fun somehow...hehe

this is the stairs leading to the starting point of the flying fox! we were the second grp to go... the first grp.. got some girls ah... scream like what! screaming from the starting to the end! waah shocked us somehow.. mcam its that terrible n scary n whatever terms u call it(if there's ppl nearby n hear the scream..i think they would be scared too...!cuz sounds a lil like..ya knowww.... 'supernatural' stuffs? =P)

its me!! i made it!!! my first time was just a short distance ..then this one.. was long n its nice! this time i got to wear my specs too! got to see the scenery...priceless~ and i placed my camera in the life jacket's pocket..suddenly...towards the end..when they stopped me from sliding foward... pijah called out my name n said 'leong look here look here!' she took a pic of me..n i bangang ehh.. cuz i saw my very own camera!! she used my camera to take a pic of me!! wasehh... then realised... my camera dropped out at the end! sooo lucky..! luckily it didnt drop into the river~ *sigh* ah wells.. congrats! everyone did the flying fox~ goodie goodie!

posing arnd... we did the flying fox!!! wheeeee!!!seems like everyone wana do it agn.. n yesssh! proud of pei fen! she is scared of heights n there she completed the flying fox! n she was screaming like what ehh.. we heard ' im dying im dying!!'n she was fidgetting arnd! we all shocked n worried kaliahhh! when she was actually yelling' im flying im flying!' and tried to do the superman pose XD

this was where we rojak our 'hotel'~ hahaha hanging life jackets n towels n wet pants arnd~so not 'ladylike'? hehe i thought so~ n i showered in the toilet cubicle! not the shower cubicle... because all fully occupied owedi wa... n i was in a rush~ sooo desperatee to shower laaa~~ n as it gets darker, ppl got more scared~ cuz u know... ppl tell stories... like this n that laa...*leaves that to ur imagination*

night scenery over there~ =) peaceful waaa ppl~ dont think too much waaa!! hahaha i imagined sja..but there was nothing laaa... n some feed to my imagination wa... like.. we had to walk a lil stairs to our 'hotel' n imagine if there was a hand underneath n grab ur feet? hmm.. n i couldnt really sleep that night.. because.. it was toooooo cold!!!!! raining lagi! n there was this fan directed onto my face! uffft! i imagined there was this lady above me.. n her straight hair was long that it could tickle my face... or else there was a lady at the end of the 'lorong' floating arnd... or there would be footsteps outside... it was all in my head! haaaa~

ah wells... back to our first night there... we had to pack stuffs for the camping the next day.. n had our dinner..the beef was sooooo good! some of us had few servings of that... yuuuum! the gravy n the rice mixed together...oh soo heavenly~ then back to packing! learnt how to use the utensils to cook such as the multipurpose pot and how to set fire n how to pump clean water from the temburong river! n we had to split into smaller grps of 4 to set up our own tents... then we had this... session where we had to draw ourselves n write our goals n go out n talk la...

ehh this is our grp...pengiran bendahara sakam.. having dinner together~ enjoyable enjoyablee~~ n after every eating session.. we had to wash our own dishes n place them to dry properly~ ah wells... after everything including halfway was arnd after midnyt that we had to balik n rest... n when we already pack almost abis..SUDDENLY GOT A LOUD ALERT SOUND outside.... i was very blur...but the rest started to jacket life jacket!!! everyone rushed.. n i took my life jacket blurly! n everyone started to rush outside.. n i was still blur... rupanya its just..sumthing like a fire drill la.. ehhe n the most ksian person is saiful.. he was sleeping while standing... we all could see cuz his head kept nodding off~ XD then we got back to sleep~ tats where my imagination starts to play in my head~

early morning we woke up~n got ready for our hiking day! n our hiking bag was reaaaaaally heavy!!!! heavy til it hurts! sigh...rupanya we didn tighten the belt arnd our waist... realised that only after 30min worth of climbing arnd? -_-

early morning exercise~we jogged n did some warm up exercises in the middle of the was quite nice.. cuz early morning cool wa.... but i wont do it here in seria..cuz i wont wake up by tat time waa =p

someone trying to be a sami i guess...after that intense early exercise~ he practically gone to heaven! XD

breakfast... nasi ayam~ not bad la~ n had to further pack our stuffs.. i got myself last min fruits..pear n apple! these two babies made my day!! thank goodness i took them~n while getting ready.. we were a lil nervous owedi...hehe adrenaline rushing abit~ wohooo~

this was what the group brainstormed~pengiran bendahara sakam-> PBS-> perpaduan baru semangat! cool cool cool!! hahaha love em~

taking pic before heading off! hmm im showing my not so willing face~ hehehe owwwh me n pijah were the navigators of the day.. n mina n sam the leaders~

whooaa we soo hype up! n we were owedi lost at the beginning! haha we didn know where to go.. so had to do some trial n error... n ended up we found the trail.. but tough! cuz its a lil too steep!!! hahaha luckily.. ada rope la... cuz we were a lil unbalanced with our 'newfound weight' behind our backs~ then i went to find trail in front of me... n asked them to stay..until there was really a dead one in front..i confirmed with pijah n we went to the other way... n...

tadaaaah!! we were over one hill!! ONLY!!!! -__- n now see sooooo high hill~ cuz very botak owedi!! no more forests!!hot ehh~ really really hot.... n when ur tired halfway thru the hill... n u stop.. u could feel the HEAT into u through ur skin n thru ur head! its really a mental challenge~

hehe tajul n sam so cute! mcam kanak kanak n we are ready to follow them! haha we had to take many pics to prove our existance there wa~

the natural posers! featuring.. the acting leader-fen! the freestyle lying girl-nadz! n the sight seeeker-mina! XD ok..i give random names..=p

as for this... me n pijah... posing as the...lonely navigators?? XD with our instructor in the background! for your information.. the sticks are very very useful in this tracking session...cuz.. u would be hanging to it like sooo much!

we stop at intervals to get rest n we continued on the trail~n a BIG salute to nina n tajul! they were singing almost all throughout the trail.. specially nina.. they were our walking radio! hehe gave us semangat to walk more~ n yea nina was incredible... amazing stamina..! cuz due to the fact she could sing n also walk non stop! very durable la.. mine was.. err... haha~makin merosot!

then we stopped at one hill arnd noon where we had our lunch... then we waited for the other group to reach n there they were!! mas n chee!!! *hearts* hehhee

then.. we spent our time enjoying our lunch... masak mee goreng.. NOT maggi mee curry! duwan to get dehydrated ehh! hmm i was reluctant to eat.. cuz.. scred... my throat kering wa.. then they got me to eat.. hmm nyamaan~ hahaha then after we go to climb that totally steep n high hill! waseeeh antaaam ahh~~ n nina dropped her bag at the top n went down to help carry other bag to the top.. agn..*salute* hehe n luckily.. the instructor sprayed some spray to prevent muscle cramp... n i got some! n tadah revitalised! then off we go agn.. this time to real forest! i had fun! so much! haha cuz that's where im most comfy with...~

we got a nice place to settle down!! n time to set out tents! it was actually quite ok... with the help of the instructor la.. haha fathi terus ko inside the tent eh~ XD

otw to the river..n saw this... =)

hmm had fun in the river owwwwwh!!!haha first we pump the water n with the use of the pump.. we got ourselves clean water to cook n drink later! the water...quite nyaman ehh! sweet in some way =) n then... we bathe in the river...n it was drizzling a lil... n mina helped me washing my hair.. n then the others was also helping washing each others hair... n we try to wash our body... a 'mild' way la... but dina was bold! she stood up n started to clean herself up~ hehe n ksian pijah's shoes.. all torned! she buang it souvenir for the next batch of ppl~ XD

night time!cooking n eating n washing away! me n mina did the cooking.. well im just the assistant...mina the main cook! n the others split them up.. got cream of mushroom soup, sardine, curry chicken, rice~what else ah? i think that's all~ it was alryt la.. but cream of mushroom soup with the rice..yuum~ but some of the rice..undercooked.. =p then after the washing n resting.. we had this talking session where the instructor asked us to somehow 'meluahkan' what we think of the activities n which we thought is the most challenging one.. hands down... jungle trekking! heehe after all those 'confessions' time for us to get into respective tents n sleep~

pijah, nina, mina n me shared one tent!hehe posing in the tent n also... taking pic before they sleep n after XD n yeaa... going to toilet.. was.. erm a lil mafan.. cuz hafta go jungle in the dark.. they scared plang..but i biasa owedi i guess... hehe some of them went to the river.. cuz two of them had period.. n they had tales of... the 'supernatural' who loves...erm... blood... so.. we had to be careful la... thank goodness there was nothing! =D

time to cook breakfast! im mee goreng n maggi mee curry!!! very the yummy!!!why? hafta see who the cook is! XD then as usual packed stuffs n wash dishes n take grp pics n did final cleanup of the place... then off we go to put our stuffs in the temuan... n got ready to kayaak!!! first.. we all went to the middle of the temburong river n dip our heads in n raised n shout...selamat pagi sungai temburong (or something like that la =p)

then we had some light training about the kayak..n all of us got into the boat we pumped air into... my partner-> mina.. n all of our boats overturned! it was...@_@ i cudn get into the boat...hahhaa couldnt jump inside it!mina got in n got me in~ practically dragging me in! i was in the engine.. n mina as steerer~ it was FUN FUN FUN!!!!! i love kayaking!!! the joy!!!wheeeeee! one boat did overturn-> fathi n fen's~ goodness they were alright! =) n we reached the end point first! yaaaaay!!! nina n ana(i think...correct me if its not ana ahh!) actually reached first..but they overshoot~ n had difficult time to row back to the end point.. had the temuan to pull them over.. scary huh the river flow~ but mina n i complained... not long enough! hahaha =P

got back.. unpack all those stuffs n clean the bags n mats~ btw...the sleeping bag...useless for us.. we didn use it at all! cuz too hot there~ =P then we split the leftover food among us... n got ourselves a proper bath~ nice~~n comforting~~ n after that... companied mina to see the doctor... ksian her foot! she accidentally got the hiking bag's tali onto her toe nail n when she carry the bag...the tali 'tercarik' her toe nail!!! OUCCH!!! X( n she was in pain..but didn voice it out....sighh~ n yea.. they wanted to pull it our..but she didnt want it.. hmm.. then we did this...survey thing feedback... bout the course... n the instructor n stuffs... n we bought ourselves a tshirt costing 20bucks each! kinda costly... but ah wells..=p

a picture of us agn... tired, happy, but feeling a lil sad cuz it was the last day for us~ we were very into our own group~ =) then i think we had a proper lunch i guess.. i couldnt remember! cuz didn take my camera battery went dead~

after all those packing n stuff... its time for us to go! before that.. we just had to have a group pic of us UBD students....=) sighh~ it was time to gooooo!!!!

at the jetty... me posing with hj kassim.. thanx for being our grp's instructor... u were soooo cool! sporting! fun! encouraging!helpful! n everything la!! thanx thanx thanx!!

we couldnt get enough of taking pics agn... more pics of us.. pls dont get bored with all these~ XD n yeaa looong last got myself 100plus to drink...nyaaaaaaamn n cooling...! n wat more... ada ice cream!!! whheeeee!!!

in the boat! this time... better! got our own individual seats~ n live music! they kept singing.~ nice~ n there was this accident la.. one boat sink halfway along the river... it was a lil shocking.. ada video there lagi...masuk rtb i guess...

since i sat in front.. i went to the front of the boat n look at the scenery~ it was sooooo good! seriously.... taking a picture of it...wont express how i saw it at that moment.. it was just... =) i love it.. the scenes n the wind..~ then the ppl started singing...'my heart will go on' -_-"" hahaa

there! we reached the placeeeeeee!!! its kpg ayer agn!!!!!!!!! n agn... our.. 'goodbye' pic... hehe after this event.. we got to know more ubd students owedi.. =) its just sooo good..the feeling.. is... =) makes me feel happy! hehe ah wells... thanx to saiful too!! for picking us up n back to hostel~~ hehee n thanx to mas n ur mom to get me back home! =D n chee for able to follow ur transport up bandar to the next day for class!!!!!

next update!!!-> OBBD- the Dinner!!!! =)

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