Monday, December 8, 2008

ph1104 assessment results!

*all the pics below were taken in the dark...dont ask me why i took those pics in the dark...cuz the lights in the lab were not switched on n i very d malas to switch them back on... so i 'flashed' them instead.. shocked mir hassan instead.. he was like.. whats with the sudden flashes?? haha =P*

baa click them to enlarge n see those results!

there there... the results for ph1104 in 2008... n am i sooo proud of the juniors! good ahh their results... *really giving them high thumbs up!!!*(unfortunately..i have only two thumbs.......hmmm *draws one more thumb at cheek* there!)

then the others..... i wonder if they got see their pprs or not... and i realised their ppr is a lil easier than our ppr! they got to measure diameter of coins lagi...which is like...@_@ free marks?? for ours.. we had 2 sections of the last sections they had which was writing down on how u use the multimeter n how n what u should do, etc etc

i think this year... they had one of the funniest answers arnd..i guess.. the technicians showed us some of their favs... like.. (owh forgot what was it owedi) ok..assume its a normal diode.. some gave answers like... zero ohm resistor or light emitting diode~ =) and some of the practical notebooks we saw... so empty!! waseeeehhh~ duno ahh~ feel like its lesser than what we did.. *gasp* i think i kept comparing...cannot ahh! *sorry* hmmm.. lets just hope this batch for the best n hope they would 'love' the king kong as much as we 'did'!=D

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