Wednesday, December 10, 2008

miri hash xmas party~

*dun look at fat there..haha* we were staying at a place near marina bay in miri...yeeep.. on a saturday~ my parents n 2 aunties n me..went to miri for this function, miri hash xmas run... we didn go for the run... cuz we didn know the place~ ah wells.. checked in to this place..cuz its near to the restaurant we were going, ulu mulu restaurant... pretty the place? its rm35 per bed, cheap when ur travelling alone...not if u go with family~ cuz hafta share toilet n shower!

so we rested on our beds~then time to go restaurant! the last time i was there, was with rachel, felicia n shirley~ n it was not opened yet, seems creepy that time....seems...'haunted' ah wells.. but that night the place, the deco seemed lovely~ =)

ma daddy~~ =p

the roof! impressed n curious abt how many bamboo sticks they used n all those dried leaves... n wonder if they ever worried abt fire o thunderstorms n stuffs..apparently dad say.. got one time the roof did caught fire n was on fire la.. that explains some 'defects' i saw up there~

gaaah really caught mmy attention la... the detailed walls n stuffs...~

but did the food caught my attention? hmm~ not really... it wasnt that good~ the lamb was good but chicken was over fried, chicken fillet was a lil tasteless, etc.. but the choc cake was moist...nyamaaan~

then we walked arnd the place... i tried to catch my dad's attention.. waved arnd n called his name.. waseeeh he didn see at all~ then after quite few minutes of memalukan myself... he finally saw me! hehe

i was downstairs after that then was taking pics arnd... n this lil boy was posing for me~ hahaa adorable? =p

we all had a goodie bag each... n inside them got this 'balloon' u need to blow air thru the hole n let it go.. the balloon would float above making a sound n deflate n drop down~ caught the kids' attention... n the two ang mohs wanted to pass those balloons to them by letting the balloon float to the kids area... n tried tried n tried...

n they got it!!! yaaaay!! hehe but unfortunately.. that night they were named as paedophiles~ cuz they were 'playing' with children n got punished by drinkin a cup of tiger~ hahah

santa is here! with no biggie tummy~ =p but he gave us sweets sja~ hmmm~~

the other hashers... there was this moment after was SO boring.... cuz apparently they had to wait for the other customers dining in that night to leave first... sigh.. its really a big difference compare to the previous miri hash xmas parties... this one..cuz changed commitees liaw

dad n one other uncle(on dad's right) represent kb...n went out to drink~

the girl in the middle... got awarded the best leg of the night!(cuz she wear really short shorts) n for that.. she was awarded a well as punishment!! hahahaa 2guys n her... one plank, 3 cups of beer~ they had to drink abis...then then... when the two guys drink ah.. the girl, not tall enuf.. cudn drink it.. thus *splash*!!! she got beer all over her!!! hehehee then they did it agn.. n still she cudn drink it.. n splash agn! ksian! but its ok la..hehe

the drinkin game... 4 ppl in a grp... 2 jars of beer~ who finishes the earliest... wins! how to drink?? use the 'pipe' to drink...hands cant touch the jar.. u tink its easy??? try thinkin physics~ =D before u cud drink... u hafta suck so much to get the beer flowing only(still haven able to drink) n by the time the beer reaches the mouth... u have so much air inside u owedi~ hahaha gaaah i malas wana explain... if u really wana know?? try sucking ur soft drink next time using a looong thin pipe~ wawawawaaa

me daddy agn~~ this yr.. didn see the other person who wears the vest full with logos... only my dad~ uhuhu

later that night.. we moved to the other room to partaaaaay~ dark.. cold... loud music... places to sit to dance properly~ waseeeehhh wat more would u want~ XD

me looking..err... i was actually feeling 'hot' cuz outside was hot wa... so i looked 'hancur' wahahhaa

dad n mom...~ dad's beer belly is big!!!! hahahaa~ good for mama's head to rest on~

yeeep.. sign of party is on that night~~~ the guys were topless...someone was walking arnd n just opened every guys shirt.. haha.. dad was feeling cold..thus he put back on..

condemned???haha must be too tired from dancing! gaaah the dancing part was fun!!!!!!! all of us danced n danced n danced! haha except.. we had to go to the loo n also drink water la... n also rest on the chair...

the moon that night.. lawaa....jus cuz it was at the beachside~ =)

bright moon bright moon~

actually its just a half moon that night... haha not full moon as shown in the last two pics~ well no longer this is wat i got la... hmm.. n we stayed at that place til almost 1am... then went out to town n had supper? hmm duno... midnyt snack? then balik hotel n sleeep! but didn really sleep well ehh~cuz mayb the blanket is a lil too thick! haha

woke up...went for dim sum with parents aunties n sis n her fren at grand palace~ n agn they love stuffing me with food(ordering food n not finishing it...thus they asked me to eat!) then full laaa~ went servay jln abit..then went to imperial..but otw the aunties wanted to have buns!!! n thus sat down n another round of makan was alright.. then jln arnd n see heels n bajus... but ended buyin nothing..duno why.. nothing caught my attention i guess.. then went for foot reflexology for 40min!! watched a perfect storm during that session..didn know it was nice~ hehe

then went to boulevard...boring... cuz someone tried to get my mom to buy their REALLY persistent!too bad... when my mom set her mind in not buying..she stays strong.. if she wana buy...she would buy! haha so mom didn wana buy~~ =p i had to catch my dad over n 'drag' my mom away from them! then went to bintang plaza for pizza! nyyyuuuum~ =) n had waferswith peanut butter n choc...double yuuum!!! XD then go emart tapau laksa.... n balik... at home... watched eagle eye...nice! nice!!!!!!prefer it to quantum of solace(this movie disappointed the whole family... specially my dad... he was like.. the movie.... a demo tape ka? not the real thing right? =P) sighh~~ hehe n agn midnyt snack..laksaa~ gaaah gained alot thru the weekend... ah wells.... i tot i would lose weight during the holidays! =( hmmm i hafta be persistent ehh~

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