Thursday, December 18, 2008

robert & fiona

this post is abt me n my family attending the wedding of robert n fiona last saturday night in east valley, miri... but today(18.12.08) is the real day they officially get married! so here the updates!

went to miri in afternoon after my sis n dad came back.. so my parents, sis n me departed to miri arnd 3 something? bro went to miri later on with his friend... when we reached miri.. we terus went to eastvalley... since the main point was not to shop plus nothing much to shop la...most the fashion this year was well... they didn interest us... haha mcam we all interested in fashion~

there we are! eastwood valley~ its a place for golf but ppl love renting the place for other function because it is very convenient n in terms of price?? hmmm~ no comment..haha n owh its arnd 15 or 20min away from the town its quiet there but no pub here... but we didn go... cuz lupa XD too tired waa

checking in a room~ n i love the decoration arnd there....very xmas-ey feel~ =)

cuuute!! so cute the reindeer~ =) awww where's the red nose? could sing 'rudolf, the red nose reindeer'~ =D

sis very sakai abt the place cuz it was her first time here... but my parents n i been here for a few times for the miri photography society events...~

the place we lived in~ ada trees arnd... n there are wooden houses~ lawa no? =)

walking arnd n familiarising with the area...we didnt even know the location of our room! we were given a map n had to look arnd for ourselves...n thank goodness we found it! hehe not that the area is that big..but yea.. trying to exaggerrate a lil~

wheee wana squeeze that lil plane! XD come into my lil traaaap~ muahahaha~

bro came a lil late but rushed to prepare himself..then its night time!time to dress up n attend the event! i didn know me n my bro were so 'flowery'~ haha happy occasion wa! hafta be flower flower arnd~ XD

nah specially dedicated to mas, chee, shan... never see me in a dress eey? there u go~ haha nice or not? nice or not? XD

from our place.. we walked over to where the wedding was held... nah see the black arrow? that was where it was~ =)

parents went first to take pics there.. then me n sis came later.... me posing at halfway the stairs waiting for sis to take pic... =)

we entering the entrance to the wedding hall! wheee~ i was never this excited for along time... was a lil grand wa... and it was my first time attending wedding over this place... the other places i went to... common because i know the place already! =p

loootsa tables~ big place~ but a lil weird was...the place was split in half the bride's friends, relatives, etc and the other half was the groom's~ haha macam we all would fight with each other or something and they were trying to prevent it~

a lil something for each of us... normally ppl give chocolates or sweets..but this...fruit cakes! not bad~nyaman(i ate those when i reached home sja ahh.. not on the spot! =p)

taking pic of sis taking pic of the 'choi tan'(cantonese meaning the list of food~) for the night...~

not bad la.. i think i like the soup... lots of crab meat inside..but i eat no scallop inside owh..haaa!! overall food not was alright... NOT THE FISH LIPS! yuuuck! a lil disgusting...bleehh... btw... i prefer at grand palace hotel punya wedding food... more nyaman~ haha

me n sis waiting for food to come.. we were all starving... n since we waited awhile.. me n my mom went down to buy 3slices of cakes for us to indulge the next morning~ n they were yummmey!! choc cheese cake, fruit cheese cake n blackforest cake~

while waiting agn..was playing with manual lenses... the last time i played manual things was years ago! n now... plus wearing contact lenses... wasehh... my eyes blurred out~couldnt focus properly cuz the darn contact lenses were not in place with my pupils~wahahha

the couple arrived!!with the lil kids... they were tying a knot linking the bride and the groom to unity! =)

videocam!! n quite famous kua? cuz got their own website lagi... whee~ ok..hold on..did they took a video of us? -_- mcam nada... =(

the 'brothers' vs the 'sisters' and the 'brothers' lose... so drink!!!! they were suppose to finish one jug of beer in a given time.. but they add another jar!! at last they drank it all! =)

one of the performers!! believe it or not... its a he! just dressing up as half guy and half girl!! he also sang in a guy's and girl's voice~

cute lil girl...who sang energetic chinese-new-year-alike-songs~ =p not bad~

they changed their baju n entered the hall and terus a waltz together...n kissed intimately =) sayang the pic out of focus.. there were lootsa ppl aurrounding them taking kna blocked n stuff...hehe

*he's mine now =D* hehe n the girl standing next to them sooo hyper ahh~ haha party mode!! XD

throwing flowers time!! it is believed that anyone catches the flower would be the next who would get married or something like that sort..haha i didn research but thats the belief since young already =)

thats the lucky girl who got it... she was so daring that when the emcee asked who would she give it to... n she said she has been liking this guy with specs (pic shown above) for along time..n got him to come out n passed to him... n he was asked if there could be a 'chance' n his reply, 'sowi i got a gf in aussie owedi..' @_@ haah~ n still the crowd wants him to kiss her~ hah... can see the girl face a lil disappointed when he kissed her forehead..~

time to cut the cake! but they feed each other with fruit cakes... wondering if the wedding cake was edible or not~ -_- maybe its for show? hmm

well well i guess the couple were really into 'popping' the champagne towards the audience~

filling up the glasses with the champagne freshly opened~

eyes only on you~ =)

ppl so romantic there...suddenly got a lil girl standing beside them with her mouth wide open! =O spoil the moment XD but really cute ahh~ haha

the bride's parents and the groom's parents..a toast to them! n another n another~ YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM SEEEENG!!!!!! i looove yelling those words out! =D cuz chinese ppl love to elongate them...haha~

wish you both happiness and be loving for as long as you live~ cheeers! =)

now the 'brothers' and 'sisters' turn to drink for them... celebrating this happy occasion~

eyeeer...kawaaaaaaaaii~~~ simply adorable waaa...she was just right in front of me.... n she was walking arnd by her own... =)

then she ran away from me!!! eyeeeere..... even when she ran away... she was simply adorable!! haha then she went over to her dad's side... n he carried..n she turned to look at me..and turned away X-)

the finale~ they were singing 'friends' by emil chau~ mcam they really departing from their friends like that...=/

the girls getting high! n posing for the boss, mr kt, who used d60 with manual lenses~

energetic singer we have here! haha everyone happy... we also happy.... free booze for everyone... above average food~ great atmosphere~ HOLD UP! now then i remember... it wasnt that great for me!! yeaaa~ i was taking pics with a long tamron lens when a tall chinese dude wearing a thick black rimmed specs terlanggar the lens n camera hit my eyes(kinda have the contact lenses pressing against my pain laaaa) n he was abt to walk away!! one arm of mine covered my eye(pain waa) n gave him the 'glare' from behind him..then he stopped n turned arnd.. n said 'sorry!' wasehhhh at least he do that.. or else... got grudge with him grrrr!! then i gave my sarcastic smile to him... then he walked away.. gahh... glad he had manners~ or else..i would be cursing and condemning 'typical' cina -_- wahhaa racist eh me...=p

=O i mean from the girls expression ahh.. hehe the bride was fixing her baju or something..~

leong family =D this was the end of the wedding.. n we were still staying wait the guests to finish exiting the place...

the 'just married' couple posing with the sks workmates!

sorry for the smoky picture.. cuz the lens..kesejukan~ haha we posing with mr motoyama( he intro himself as..motorola punya moto n yamaha punya yama...thus motoyama!) he is the civil engineer in sks... he looks like he is our grandpapa no? =D

he was actually... giving a flying kiss to one of the aunties... he not only friendly but has a very 'sweet' mouth...that..

..he became most the aunties' favourite!! they kept talking n him giving more praises...wasehh made them soo happy! ah wells... we went back to our room.. n my siblings were searching for wifi.. n they succeeded...n thus very rajin laptop kna dominated by them!! i didn had the chance.. thus lay in bed early.... but couldnt really sleep.. n when i slept.. i had a disturbing nightmare that i didn dare to open my eyes... it was a dream of the supernatural sort... creepy la... i so wanted to hold my sis hand beside me.. but duwan to kejut i tried to force myself to sleep.. hmm!

woke up arnd 9plus...had our yummy cakes n pack up n off we go~ haha i look so err... stressed out in the morning..whahaa.. then went to have breakfast n walked arnd to window shop...really nothing waaa!! i couldnt get anythin.. i want something but....just there was nothin i see that i want..haha if there is... costly abit..ah wells....

there was this HUGE xmas tree in boulevard.. it looked fake (duh~) but who cares! who would splurge money to sponsor such commotion arnd???

on closer look.... wooooot??? the x pax?? waseeeehhhh advertising this way~~ say fair or not?? wahahaha got ppl attention this way owhh =p

in boulevard... got fashion show xmas edition.. at first it was cute and alright..then later on... OUT of TOPIC~ didn like them anymore... terus went away... ahhaa we mean... =p we had late lunch over at sugarbun... their assam fish head...very very nyaman... but what was served was not the fish head but the fish tail! aiyoo...haha n my spaghetti wasnt that good... but the chicken was good..hahaha ah wells.. ended up buying NOTHING...except for more drinks and ice cream~ yuuuummy~ hehe back home with our weights gained =)

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